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ENews 2010-12

19 June 2010 


Hello and welcome to ENews 2010-12.

The headlines today (note the revised rhyming pattern!):

RDAs have problems
We should be OK
Volunteers are wanted
For the Stroud Show day.

Website now updated
Ken Bailey presides
News on planning granted
And much more besides.

Good Fun Day at Blunder
Where new boat was named
If you can use a trowel
Spill weirs can be reclaimed.

Draught of idea for next year
To raise much needed cash
Brimscombe Port book published
It could be quite a smash.



As you are probably aware some of the funding for Phase 1A of the restoration is being provided by the South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA). With all the publicity surrounding the financial cutbacks RDAs are going to have to make I thought it may be helpful to explain where we are.

SWRDA contributed around £6million to the project several years ago by facilitating the purchase of the western end of Brimscombe Port by BW, followed by a further £1.5million in 2009 to prevent the eastern part of the Port being sold on.

Following the withdrawal of BW from the project just over 2 years ago, the freehold of Brimscombe Port is now owned by the Stroud Valleys Canal Company Ltd as reported in ENews 2009-04.

The funding is therefore secure although there are perhaps understandable clawback clauses were the project not to be delivered. It follows, therefore, that if SWRDA should suffer an untimely demise that in itself would not affect Phase 1A.



The Roadshow will be attending the Stroud Country Show on Saturday 17th July. This annual event is held in Stratford Park.

Can you help at all? There are a couple of rosters in the Activities and Rosters section of the Connect website at www.cct.teamconnect.org.uk, that is one for setting up the Roadshow and the other for staffing it during the day.

You can either add your name to either (or both) rosters or contact Roadshow Manager Mike Slade if you prefer on 01179 693270 after 19:00 if phoning on a weekday, please, or email him at mrmike.slade@googlemail.com



Trust Councillor Ken Bailey advises that he has been updating pages on the Partnership website at www.cotswoldcanalsproject.org with information about what has been happening lately on various projects.

If you visit the website then follow the Whats Happening link to see latest news on 
~ Ryeford Double Lock
~ Wallbridge Lower Lock
~ A46 Merrywalks
~ Red Lion Spill weir
~ Eisey Lock



A contract for the new bridge over the canal at Upper Mills Industrial Estate was placed on 9th June with Cheltenham-based Britannia Construction.

Planning consent was also granted for new gates at Ryeford Double Lock and for the clearance of the channel above the lock. Subsequently the rebuild contract was awarded to Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd, the company responsible for the St Anns Way bascule bridge spanning the Gloucester – Sharpness Canal.

Additionally conditional planning consent was granted for the restoration of both locks at Wallbridge and for the canal channel.

And there is much more! Have a look at the partnership website, this link will take you straight there – http://www.cotswoldcanalsproject.org/general.asp?pid=2&pgid=2343



Well done Anna Watts for organising the Blunder Lock Fun Day event recently that was held to mark the naming of the new trip boat Annette.

Marine archeologist Dr Mark Horton undertook the honours and afterwards was taken on a short cruise up the Stroudwater towards Newtown Lock.

The day went smoothly and as well as helping with the Trusts profile it raised much needed funds towards our financial commitment to the restoration. 

It is hoped to commence trips in the near future once all the formalities and crew training have been completed.



Are you any good at bricklaying and/or pointing?

There are a couple of spill weirs needing remedial attention shortly and some volunteers coming forward who are handy with a trowel would be much appreciated.

Further information from Jeff Shaw, jrjmshaw@hotmail.com telephone 07799 661382.



There is talk of the Trust arranging a Beer Festival in 2011.

Have you any experience of organising such an event? Could you be interested in the management and organisation of such an event?

This is just a fund-raising idea at the moment. This article is no more than a feeler to ascertain what talent there may be out there amongst the readership should the decision be taken to proceed.

If you could be interested or indeed have a talent to offer please email postmaster@cctmembers-newsletter.co.uk to enable information to be collated and passed on.



The Story of Brimscombe Port Where Thames and Severn Met is the title of a new book written by CCT Member Graham Hobbs who was assisted in his research by pupils of Brimscombe Primary School.

There are 50 pages of interesting facts, figures, supported by historic and up to date photographs that have been formatted and published by Trow editor David Jowett.

The book can be obtained via mail order from David at 11 Upper Leazes, Stroud, Glos GL5 1LA for just £4.95 (incl p&p).  It is also included in the range of books and other items available from the Heritage Centre at Saul Junction.

Please make your cheque payable to CCT Trading Ltd



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at http://www.cct.teamconnect.org.uk 
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the “Register Me Now” link.
*Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot.
*Saturdays from 9:00am: Plant restoration work parties.
*Monday Mornings and Thursday evenings: Work Parties Spine Road and Cerney Wick area.


19th/20th* (1): WRG Bit in the Middle Group (BITM) at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome.
19th/20th (2): WRG Work Party at Goughs Orchard Lock. CCT volunteers welcome.
22nd*: Construction Action Group meeting, Crown Inn Cerney Wick.
26th/27th: Historic Working Boats Rally, Braunston.
26th-3rd July: 1st (of 4) WRG Camps at Gough's Orchard. Details www.wrg.org.uk


3rd-10th: 2nd (of 4) WRG Camps at Gough's Orchard. Details www.wrg.org.uk
4th*: Work Party Summit Level
5th: Western Branch monthly meeting, Fromebridge Mill Whitminster, starting 19:30. All welcome
10th*: Stroud Farmers Market
10th/11th*: London WRG (LWRG) at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome
10th-17th: 3rd (of 4) WRG Camps at Gough's Orchard. Details www.wrg.org.uk
11th*: Work Party near Horsetrough Roundabout, Stonehouse (Work Parties Saul-Daneway Message Board)
17th*: Stroud Country Show, Stratford Park Stroud
17th-24th: 4th (of 4) WRG Camps at Gough's Orchard. Details www.wrg.org.uk
18th*: Work Party Summit Level
21st: Eastern Branch monthly meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade from 19:30, all welcome
24th/31st*: Kent & E Sussex Canal Recovery Group (KESCRG) Camp at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome
27th*: Construction Action Group meeting, Heritage Centre Saul.
31st – August 7th*: WRG Camp at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what is happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you ever notice a break in the sequential numbering of ENews this means you have missed an issue that can happen for a variety of reasons. There is always a copy of the latest one displayed at www.cctmembers-newsletter.co.uk together with a full archive from Day 1 back on 3rd April 2006.

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