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ENews 2010-15

27 July 2010 


Hello and welcome to ENews 2010-15.

The headlines today:

There are dangers if you go to Eisey
Indeed you could even get shot
The dredger team need your assistance
Please help if you can source this lot.

The Gang of Four just keeps on growing
Their toils left the Judges impressed
If you fancy a pint at the Tunnel House
Then a walk on 12.9 would be best.

The Inglesham appeal is now floating
Donations with just a mouse click
Sapperton to Saul through the camera
Photos on view at Painswick.

The diggers have moved in to Ryeford
To restore this unique double lock
A46 diversion working
To some this news seems quite a shock.



CCT volunteers are reminded that Eisey Lock is on private property and there is no public right of way.

The work site is dangerous and there are regular shooting sessions on the land (we keep the holder of the shooting rights informed of the dates of our work parties!)  

If people wish to either come and observe the work or join a Work Party they MUST contact Jon Pontefract beforehand on  or 07986 351412.  

Drivers are also reminded to keep their speed to 10-15 mph maximum down the farm access road, even if just visiting Alex Farm (CCT Eastern Depot), as it is also a residential area.



ENews 2010-14 told you that the dredger is likely to move from Eastington to Spine Road shortly. Following the initial meeting on the 13th July the following needs were identified.

Can YOU help source any of the following items?

1. Sheet steel interlocking piling, min 6 ft (2 metres) wide x 30 metres width. Can be used in serviceable condition.

2. Steel hawsers (wire). From 3 metres up to 100 metres long x 12-18mm diameter. Used, non-frayed wire is OK. Ex crane hire firm maybe?

3. One, preferably two dirty water pumps (diesel driven) Ideal would be the old style reciprocating diaphragm type. These use a worm gearbox driving two eccentric pins which drive two rocking arms up and down. Other end drives a rubber diaphragm as the pump. These are frugal on fuel and will handle small debris. Other types will be considered.

4. Diesel fuel tank. Minimum 3,000 litre capacity. Steel or polyethylene.

5. Fuel bowser/tank trailer, minimum 1,000 litre capacity.

Alan Jones is masterminding this operation, please give him a ring on 07778 589068 if you have any questions or items to offer as he can arrange collection within any sensible radius.



Located to the southeast of Cirencester and on the line of the canal, I hear that Siddington Village has just won the Healthy and Active Community award at the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council Vibrant Village competition. Amongst other things the judges were impressed by the efforts of the Gang of Four, as they are known locally, to maintain the canal and towpath. The villagers receive a cheque for £500.

Congratulations are due to Alan Merryweather, the leader of these CCT Work Parties. However the name of the group is a misnomer as Alan says that they currently have more volunteers than they have ever had – but could still use more!

Further information appears on the Connect Message Board at or you can email Alan or phone 01285 643916.



Heritage Open Days provide you with the chance to visit thousands of buildings and places across England, which are usually closed to the public or charge for admission. More details at  or contact 

2 locally based events may be of interest to you.
11 September: Cotswold Canals Walk along the Cirencester Arm – meet Trinity Road Car Park, Cirencester at 2.45pm (approx 2 hrs including tea-break)
12 September: Cotswold Canals Tunnel House Walk – meet at Tunnel House Inn, Coates. Walks will be led by our very own Mark Welton between 12 noon and 4.30pm


APPEALING INGLESHAM is the page on the IWA website dedicated to the recently launched appeal to restore Inglesham Lock and 380 metres (or 415.5 yards if you prefer) of the pound above the lock.

In addition to making your donation there is a nice little YouTube video to watch as well.



The Woodchester Photography Group is staging an exhibition of photographs taken over the last 10 months of the canals between Sapperton and Saul.

The exhibition runs from July 31st until August 7th between 10:00 and 17:00 at the Painswick Centre, Bisley Street, Painswick. Pictures and cards will be available for purchase.



There's plenty going on at Ryeford Double Lock at the moment. 

Site access roads have been built down to below the tail of the lock with another going to the head and then on upstream to where the canal bed is being infilled to provide access to the towpath side. The material that had been excavated from the lock when it was part rebuilt in the 1990s is being dug out and moved upstream to above where the water pipes cross the bed.

The plan is to start dredging the canal bed any time at all, some with a digger from the towpath and some from special mats in the canal bed itself. At the tail of the lock work has started on a stone dam out across the canal which will also act as the roadway to get down into the bed and into the lower chamber once pumped out. The lock side and hedge line on the offside are receiving a short back and sides in readiness for the construction of the new bypass channel and also to access where structural repairs are necessary.


Thanks to Trust Director Ken Bailey for the news on Ryeford.

Ken works hard behind the scenes keeping the Partnership website up to date with similar news items – and a jolly good job he makes of it, too.

The site at is well worth a regular visit, especially the Whats Happening link.



Despite the doom, gloom and chaos predicted by most of the local media when the diversion for the roadworks on the A46/A419 at Wallbridge was introduced, I reckon the diversionary route has improved the overall traffic flow, if anything….

Remember if you suffer from insomnia or a similar complaint you can always watch the live webcam at any time of day or night. Just go to and follow the Wallbridge webcam – Live link



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at 
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the "Register Me Now" link.
*Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot
*Monday Mornings and Thursday evenings: Work Parties Spine Road and Cerney Wick area.


24th/31st*: Kent & E Sussex Canal Recovery Group (KESCRG) Camp at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome
31st – August 7th*: WRG Camp at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome


1st*: Work Party Summit Level
6th-8th*: Stroud Vintage Transport Annual Show, Kemble 
7th-14th: Newbury Working Party Group (NWPG) Camp at Eisey Lock, CCT volunteers welcome
14th*: Stroud Farmers Market 
15th*: Work Party Summit Level
24th*: Construction Action Group meeting, Crown Cerney Wick
28th-30th*: IWA National, Beale Park Reading


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what is happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you ever notice a break in the sequential numbering of ENews this means you have missed an issue that can happen for a variety of reasons. There is always a copy of the latest one displayed at together with a full archive from Day 1 back on 3rd April 2006.

You can receive a Twitter feed from the Cotswold Canals Partnership from direct to your mobile or PC.

To view the live webcam of the A46/A419 road works at Merrywalks, Stroud go to and follow the Wallbridge webcam-live link at the top of the page.

Any newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews
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