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ENews 2010-16

18 August 2010 

Hello and welcome to ENews 2010-16.

The headlines today:

Do you know just what was dumped in there
In the tip that was at Capels Mill
Were you an 8mil fanatic
And have loads of cine film still?

The Western Branch Chairman is leaving
He has spent 5 years in the job
The HLF people are happy
Will they produce a few bob?

A new face at the Western Depot
In charge of the Maintenance Team
The National is on the horizon
From Reading a few miles upstream.

Commemorative Coates Portal brasses
You could fix them on your hard hat
Thirty eight columns for Merrywalks
However much concrete is that?



Do you possess any old photographs, slides or even cine film taken on or before around 1987 of the area around Capels Mill?

For anybody unsure of the location of the Mill, it is below Waitrose Supermarket in Stroud, on the south side of Dr. Newtons Way. 

Rumours persist about what went into the site when the canal closed coupled with just what (and how much) stuff was dumped there when the road was built.

If you can help please contact Ken Bailey, ken@ladywood.f9.co.uk   



And on a similar theme, Ian Bild of a company called Available Light Productions Ltd in Bristol has contacted us to say

 – I am researching a documentary for BBC4 to be called The Story of the Canals. The programme will use home movies of people who worked and enjoyed the canals with their recollections and memories, to tell the story of how the canals were used to move goods around the country, and were then re-invented in more recent times as a vehicle for leisure.

– I am looking for any home movies made by people who have earned their living from canals, for example boat people, lock keepers, etc. etc. and film made by people who have used the canals for leisure.

– It would be a great bonus if the film makers or people appearing in the films were still alive, and could be interviewed for the documentary.

If you can help Ian with his research you can contact him by email ibild@availablelight.tv  or phone 0117 908 4433.



Mike Langford, Chairman of Western Branch for the last 5 years, is looking to hand over the reins to a fellow member later this year.

His cheery disposition will be sorely missed and I cannot believe he has held the role for so long. Indeed it seems only yesterday that he did not take one step backwards fast enough when a new Chairman was being sought.

For those of you who have often wondered whether to attend these meetings at the Fromebridge Mill, Whitminster on the first Monday of every month (excluding Bank Holidays) I can tell you they are pretty informal and currently take the form of a discussion group to which all attendees are invited to contribute.

Maybe you feel this could be the opportunity to try a different format for these meetings. If so, then why not put your name forward initially to Mike at michael.langford1@mypostoffice.co.uk or telephone 01453 549078.



The following has been culled from the August issue of the Stroud District Council electronic newsletter:

Trustees of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the canal projects principal funder, recently toured the canal and received a presentation on the project to date. Informal feedback was that it is probably the best-managed project currently on their books and that consideration needs to be given to submitting a funding bid for phase 1B, the length between Stonehouse and Saul, which would give access to the national canals network.

As far as I can gather work is indeed progressing on the preparation of a further application although I do not know to which Lottery Fund it will be submitted.

But – what great news!

As usual the full Canal Project latest section of the newsletter has been reproduced at www.cotswoldcanalsproject.org and follow the Projects Update link in the menu.



To Ron Kerby, the new head honcho at Western Depot, Eastington.

Ron takes over from Jeff Shaw who only ever stepped into the breach on a temporary basis following the most untimely death of his predecessor Roger Wells at the end of last year.



As usual the Roadshow will be attending the IWA National Festival that is being held at Beale Park this year.

As usual our attendance at this prestigious event will staffed entirely by CCT volunteers.

As usual we could do with a few more!

If you are going and can lend a hand then remaining vacancies appear on the Connect website rosters and are indicated by a red square. Or if you prefer you can contact Roadshow Manager Mike Slade, email mrmike.slade@gmail.com or phone 0117 969 3270, after 18:00 if phoning on a weekday, please.



An extract from Trow No. 19 issued September 1977:

A limited number of 200 Horse Brasses (all individually numbered) was issued on the 23rd July to commemorate the reconstruction of the Coates Portal of Sapperton Tunnel. These are available..

Well, numbers 124 and 125 are being put up for sale by Tony Parker, telephone 01285 640489. Tony is looking for the best price over £50 for the pair and will be making a donation to Trust funds from the proceeds.



Another extract, this time from the latest of the Project Managers excellent series of bulletins (that are reproduced on the Partnership website at www.cotswoldcanalsproject.org and choose from the Whats Happening link)

Work is focusing on the placing of deep piles to form the foundations for the bridge.  The first pile was started on the 9th August and encountered a problem due to an obstruction believed to be some stone steps that went up the side of the old brewery wall.

By the end of the 13th August, nine of the thirty eight piles will be completed and the contractor will be working Saturday morning in order to keep the works to programme.

The piles are reinforced concrete up to 18m deep and 1m in diameter. They are constructed by boring a hole using an auger, a steel sleeve is then driven in to prevent subsoil from falling in.  Reinforcing is then lowered in and the concrete is poured, the sleeve is then withdrawn whilst the concrete is wet and it is then topped up with more concrete due to the slump created by the withdrawal of the sleeve.



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at http://www.cct.teamconnect.org.uk 
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the “Register Me Now” link.
*Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot
*Monday Mornings and Thursday evenings: Work Parties Spine Road and Cerney Wick area.
*Various dates and times: Plenty of vacancies for appropriately qualified crew at both trip boat locations – see respective Rosters and Message Boards for more information


18th: Eastern Branch monthly meeting Trout Inn Lechlade from 19:30
24th*: Construction Action Group meeting, Crown Cerney Wick CANCELLED 
28th-30th*: IWA National, Beale Park Reading


6th: Western Branch monthly meeting Fromebridge Mill Whitminster from 19:30
11th*:(1) Stroud Farmers Market
11th:(2) Walk along Cirencester Arm. See www.heritageopendays.org.uk/directory/HOD010529E 
12th:(1) Frampton Country Fair
12th:(2) Guided walks from Tunnel House Inn. See www.heritageopendays.org.uk/directory/HOD010530E 
15th: Eastern Branch monthly meeting Trout Inn Lechlade from 19:30
21st*: Construction Action Group meeting Crown Cerney Wick


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