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ENews 2010-17

27 August 2010 

Hello and welcome to ENews 2010-17.

The headlines today:

If you fancy the golf in October
Who knows, Tiger Woods could be there
If you have a long handled pickaxe
The contractors may ask if its spare.

New Maintenance Depot needs sorting
Concrete to lay on the floor
Open Days at Wallbridge Centre
So you can see the decor.

Inglesham Lock is appealing
The donations are flowing quite well
There could be a problem at Newtown
Because of a terrible smell.

A Medical Officer appointed
To help out with Health and Safetee
The new CCT website is ready
Same address, do go and see.



Regular Trust volunteer and local IWA Branch Chairman Martin Turner has a fantastic opportunity for all the golfing aficionados amongst you.

Martin has one first day ticket for this year's Ryder Cup, being held at the Celtic Manor Resort near Newport between the 1st and 3rd October, that he cannot use.

Not only that – you can park your car at Martin's house and he will ferry you there.

He is looking for the best offer over £75 received BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER (to allow time for postage etc) with all proceeds going to the IWA Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal.

Phone your offers through to Martin on either 01291 650605 or 07860 521876.


The Merrywalks Bridge project is forging ahead and the latest bulletin from Project Manager Nigel Edgeworth is available for all to see at, choose from the Whats Happening link.

A slight hiccup this week insofar as during the concrete pour for one of the piles the supplier's plant broke down.  The specification requires that there should not be a break of longer than two hours between pours, but there was despite everybodys best efforts. 

This pile will now have to be broken out and reconstructed; I would think they are going to need some mighty long-handled pickaxes to do that if it is one of the 18-metre ones…



Work on the buildings at Alex Farm, Eysey that will become the Eastern End Maintenance Depot is progressing well.

An experienced concrete floor layer (or layers) is being sought to help level the somewhat uneven surface. 

If you can help with this, or just help with the other activities at Alex Farm on Tuesdays or Thursdays, please contact Depot Manager Tony Potter on 07703 879001 or 01793 724166, or John Maxted on 07756 974406 or 01285 861011



Currently a series of preview days to view Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre are being held whilst fundraising goes on to raise sufficient to cover the cost of a lift enabling entry for those with mobility issues.

The remaining Open Days are as follows.

Saturday 28th August 11am – 7pm
Wednesday 1st September 10am – 5pm
Saturday 4th September 11am – 7pm
Tuesday 7th September 10am – 5pm



The IWA advise that they have created a new page on their Inglesham Lock website to acknowledge the generosity of donors to the Restoration Appeal.

The page at should be updated on a monthly basis and there is an easily followed link to the donation page itself.


Stroud District Council recently received a complaint about sewage pollution along a stretch of the Stroudwater Canal near Stonehouse, between Bonds Mill and Newtown Lock. They had a quick look and confirmed the presence of a grey colouration and the strong odour of sewage at the Lock where additional aeration of the water occurs.

There are two stretches of contamination, one lies just south of Roving Bridge back to Bonds Mill while the other commences just north of the Bridge as far back as the Lock. 

Severn Trent Water (STW) were duly advised and an engineer visited the site to investigate. After routine checks he reported that nothing seemed amiss although he agreed that there was certainly sewage in the watercourse.

The matter has been referred to the Environment Agency (EA) for further action as a similar concern in the Cheapside area is currently under investigation by them.

It transpires that reports were previously submitted to both STW and the EA about a month ago following similar concerns. The feeling is that it is a Severn Trent issue that requires further detailed investigation by them.  Cheapside is of particular concern due to the increased public health issues and the record of fish kills recorded there in the past 18 months. 

Hopefully whichever Agency is deemed to be responsible will soon be flushed with success and there will not be any temporary solutions in lieu of a permanent one.  



A hearty welcome to Brian Ludlow who has accepted the post of Chief Medical Officer to the Trust.

Brian will be working alongside Construction Director Mike Hynd whose role currently includes specific responsibility for Health and Safety. This appointment will greatly strengthen this aspect.

Brian will also have a wider remit in that he will be responsible for the Health side of the whole Trust. This does not mean that volunteers will be able to discuss their minor ailments with him on a surgery basis, however.



The promised revamp of the Cotswold Canals Trust website has been completed and is there for all to see in its new splendour.

The address is still the same – – and the website is well worth a visit. The online bookshop has received its first orders, literally within a few minutes of the site going live.

A heck of a lot of hard work has gone into this project with a lot of fingers burnt by those candles burning at both ends. It is early days, so the webmaster would really appreciate your comments and observations, email

Congratulations to all involved with this impressive achievement.



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at 
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the "Register Me Now" link.
*Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot.
*Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Eastern Depot.
*Monday Mornings and Thursday evenings: Work Parties Spine Road and Cerney Wick area.
*Various dates and times: Plenty of vacancies for appropriately qualified crew at both trip boat locations – see respective Rosters and Message Boards for more information


28th-30th*: IWA National, Beale Park Reading


6th: Western Branch monthly meeting Fromebridge Mill Whitminster from 19:30
11th*:(1) Stroud Farmers Market
11th:(2) Walk along Cirencester Arm. See 
12th:(1) Frampton Country Fair
12th:(2) Guided walks from Tunnel House Inn. See 
15th: Eastern Branch monthl
y meeting Trout Inn Lechlade from 19:30
21st*: Construction Action Group meeting Crown Cerney Wick


The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what is happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

You can receive a Twitter feed from the Cotswold Canals Partnership from ttp:// direct to your mobile or PC.

To view the live webcam of the A46/A419 road works at Merrywalks, Stroud go to and follow the Wallbridge webcam-live link at the top of the page.

Any newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews
The Cotswold Canals Trust – Registered Charity No: 269721.
Bell House, Wallbridge Lock, Stroud, Glos GL5 3JS
Company Registered in England No: 01207787.
Registered Office: Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1NZ