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ENews 2010-21

02 December 2010

Hello and welcome to ENews 2010-21.

The primary objective of ENews is to keep members, volunteers and subscribers up to date with what is happening within the Cotswold Canals Trust as a whole. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

If you ever notice a break in the sequential numbering of ENews this means you have missed an issue that can happen for a variety of reasons. There is always a copy of the latest one displayed at together with a full archive from Day 1 back on 3rd April 2006.

You can receive a Twitter feed from the Cotswold Canals Partnership from direct to your mobile or PC.

The Partnership website at is a good source for regular updates on restoration progress. Follow the What's Happening link then choose from the myriad of options that open up for you.


The headlines today:

The numbers need swelling at Eisey
To help get the logs off the ground
Developing plans for the paddles
When the right cad can be found.

Looking for basins and roof racks
For vans and the new welfare block
A stolen bike has been recovered
After spending 4 years in a lock.

The dredging at Spine Road is scheduled
To recommence within 2 weeks
There's a 3 course dinner in Lechlade
Sounds perfect for all foodie freaks.

There must be some First Aiders out there
We'd like them to send in their cert
Series of parties in Stonehouse
But no need to wear a dress shirt.




The Eastern End Maintenance Team based at Alex Farm near Eisey is rather thin on numbers, so it is hoping to entice some new faces as soon as it possibly can.

There are plans afoot to emulate the success of the logs enterprise based at Eastington in the west by running a similar operation from Alex Farm. However to get this going there is a real need for some volunteers who are prepared to commit time on a regular basis, both for this and indeed other maintenance activities.

Alex Farm is open for business on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 09:00. For more information please contact Tony Robinson or John Maxted ……….or simply turn up with your steel toe-capped boots during opening hours!

Tony: email phone 01494 871323
John: email phone 01285 861011



Jim White is seeking a volunteer CAD design engineer with the ability to build up general arrangement drawings for lock paddle gear.

Ground and gate paddle gear designs need to be developed using reverse engineering techniques based on rescued lock gear. Whilst using standard components the finished articles will need to reflect the heritage nature of the original equipment. Manufacturing costs and a feasibility assessment will be undertaken before full design and manufacture can be considered.

The successful volunteer applicant will be working with a small, experienced team led by a CCT Mechanical Engineering Project Manager based in Stroud.

An article about Jim and his passion for bygone mechanisms can be found on the Trust website at in the Latest News section. For further information about this particular role please contact Jim at or call 01453 873733.



– Brickwork repairs at Ryeford Locks were completed on the 24th November. Contractors will install ladders and widen the towpath before leaving site shortly
– Planning application for work at Griffin Mill and Ham Mill Locks has been submitted
– Land & Water will start dredging 2.1km of canal between Ocean and Ryeford on 10 Jan 2011. All material to be transported by canal, not by road
– Spine Rd to Cerney Wick dredging – further work to be carried out by CCT & contractor 9 – 19 December when the power lines will be switched off
– Eisey Lock – brickwork to be demolished & cleaned back by WRG volunteers on 11/12 December. Want to help? – ring Jon Pontefract on 01453 754287 for details
– The bund near Oil Mills Bridge should be moved in the next few weeks
– Tenders are out for Lodgemoor, Chestnut & Ocean Bridges



The Western Depot at Eastington has taken delivery of what will become a Volunteers' Welfare Unit and is busy fitting this out at the moment.

A couple of hand basins are being sought; if you can help with this then Manager Ron Kerby would be delighted to hear from you, or 01453 836018



The Trust has 2 Transit vans, one based at Western Depot and the other, not surprisingly, at Eastern Depot.

Every so often stuff needs to be transported that refuses to fit inside, so the thought is that roof racks would be a good idea. And some step ladders maybe……

Again if you can help please get in touch with Ron Kerby.



Something has been preventing the closure of Newtown Lock, by the A419 at Eastington, for some while now.

A team from Western Depot went to investigate and after much huffing and puffing (involving the use of trip boat Annette as well as the winch on the Land Rover) they recovered a motor cycle. There is a picture of it in the Connect Photo Gallery at  

As the number plate was still attached the find was reported to the Police and a few days ago the owner collected said machine (no he did not kick start it and take off, it went in the back of his Dad's van).

He is adamant that it will be fully restored – despite it having lain at the bottom of the lock since 2006 – so we asked him to return to Western Depot for a 'before and after' photographic record.



The Spine Road Dredging Project is up and running again as the overhead power lines are scheduled to be switched off between the 9th and 19th December.

Meanwhile thanks are again due to Gardiners Construction Services of Eastcombe who are providing two 13-tonne diggers to help build up the bank and dredge out material from the bed of the canal.



If you are likely to develop food withdrawal symptoms by early January then here is the answer.

The Eastern Branch Annual New Year Dinner will be held on Saturday 15th January at the Trout Inn, Lechlade. The dinner comprises 3 courses and costs £24.25 per head.

For further information and a copy of the menu contact Chairman Liz Payne or 01367 253121.

Liz will require deposits of £5 per person by 5th January, please make cheques payable to 'The Trout Inn'.



We need more Trained First Aiders as we are woefully short by modern standards.

On the 30th January last, several of you attended a First Aiders course in Eastington organised by a Company called Medrock Training Ltd.

Those of you who haven't already done so – and that applies to most of you – are requested to forward a copy of the certificate you received to the Connect Webmaster (i.e. me) either by scanning it to or by post to 48 Wellsprings Road, Gloucester GL2 0NJ. If you pre
fer you can post the original, it will be posted back by return.

Medrock are not the only providers of such training and most alternatives will be wholly suitable. If you are an active volunteer and possess a current First Aid certificate – step forth and be recognised!

Any active volunteers wishing to undergo First Aid training are asked to contact Mike Hynd in the first instance, or 01452 713913.



Team Leader Richard Attwood is planning a series of work parties for the first quarter of 2011.

The work will be a follow on from last year when overhanging branches on the offside between Wycliffe Boat House, Stonehouse, and the skew bridge were cleared. Since last year the crack willows which are very old have been shedding branches. These need to be cleared so that the dredging programme is not impeded.

Further information appears on the "Maintenance Activities – West" Message Board on Connect, or can be obtained from Richard,  



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page at  
If you wish to become a registered volunteer just follow the "Register Me Now" link.

*Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Western Depot
*Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am: Maintenance activity at Eastern Depot


5th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th: Santa Cruises at Saul Junction
6th: Western Branch meeting at Gloucester Yacht Club in The Docks 19:30. NOTE VENUE CHANGE FOR THIS MONTH ONLY
8th: Western Depot Eastington open for log activity only
*11th/12th: Newbury Working Party Group weekend at Eysey Lock
*19th: Work Party Ham Mill Lock, Thrupp (Work Parties Brimscombe-Daneway Message Board)


Any newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT – however tenuous.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews
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