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ENews 2011-17 & 17A

ENews 2011-17, sent 2nd December:

Hello and welcome to ENews 2011-17.


We need your help as we can get something out of the Energyshare Dudbridge Locks Hydro Project funding application after all.

As you know our bid for major funding was unsuccessful for reasons that are not at all clear. Chief Executive Ken Burgin has posted a reaction to this that is well worth a read and can be found at

However he tells me there is an opportunity for the Trust to receive GBP1000 from Energyshare – but time is of the essence! There is a description of how voting for the shortlisted finalists can work for us, see for details. But we only have until 17:00 on Monday 5th December to do anything about this…

In a nutshell, those of you who are amongst the 1,069 supporters of the project can vote for a finalist in EACH of the 3 categories; every vote cast counts as 1 point for the Dudbridge Project on the leaderboard. At the time this edition was put together our project was in the lead – but only by 20 points so YOUR vote really will count.

To cast your vote follow the "Back to Voting" link on the leaderboard web page and please remember you can vote for one project in each of the 3 categories.

Please vote now – every little helps as a well-known High Street retailer was once heard to say.

David Pagett

Editor, ENews

ENews 2011-17A, sent 14th December:

Dear ENews Subscriber,

Well, what an exercise that was! It certainly proved the old adage of "Words mean different things to different people" if nothing else.

I am sorry that so many of you were confused by the nature of the voting system set up by Energyshare, I don't think I have ever had so many emails in one day! With my (Honors) Degree in hindsight I accept I could/should have waxed more lyrical about the way the voting system operated, my apologies if you agree.

Be that as it may, there are 2 things to report:

– Firstly, the closing date was incorrectly stated in ENews 2011-17 as being on Monday at 17:00. It was in fact today (Saturday) at 17:00

– Secondly, and assuming the rules are somewhat more obvious and straightforward than they were for our initial GBP100,000 bid, it looks like we have done enough to secure the GBP1,000 currently on offer. Shortly before "close of play" the points awarded to the Dudbridge Hydro Scheme as a result of the votes you awarded to the finalists numbered 578 whereas our nearest challenger managed 179.

On behalf of the Trust's Chief Executive Ken Burgin and Dudbridge Hydro Project Manager Keith Tibbitts……….thank you so much for voting!

David Pagett

Editor, ENews