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ENews 2012-05


I am sorry to have to report that our Chairman Tony Robinson is very unwell at the moment and is back in hospital.

It follows, therefore, that all attempts to contact should be avoided for the forseeable future please. For the time being Vice Chairman Liz Payne will be standing in for Tony, phone 01367 253121, email


Jack Telling resigned as the Trust's Treasurer on 1st April and Trudy Ayre has assumed his role. Trudy can be contacted on 01453 764039 or by email,

Jack will remain on Trust Council for the time being and will continue in his role of Company Secretary.

David Pagett

Editor, ENews


The following was sent on Friday 13th April at 19:30 as a seperate edition: 


It is with sadness that I have to report the death of our Chairman, Tony Robinson earlier today, Friday 13th April.
Tony was elected Chairman by Trust Council at its meeting following last year's AGM and the illness that ended his life manifested itself only a few weeks after he took office.
For the past few years, Tony was the director responsible for developing our canal project at its eastern end. Drawing upon considerable experience from a long career in business, he was very effective in matters both strategic and practical. Tony's enthusiasm and commitment was first class and he was a pleasure to work with. His early death is a real loss to the Trust and his wisdom will be greatly missed.
I know that Karin, his wife, and the rest of the family would appreciate our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.
Ken Burgin – Chief Executive