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ENews 2012-11

18 September 2012

Hello, welcome to ENews 2012-11.


The Inverse Headlines:

Now you can find where the locks are
A gismo's been loaded to use
Get tokens when shopping at Waitrose
Their Stroud store is the one to choose.

There may be a fish that is spawning
So progress at Dudbridge will slow
Boat trip from Dudbridge to Ebley
Filmed by the Ed. of the Trow.

Log sales are starting to pick up
Delivery times are still quite short
Wine and cheese party this weekend
It's Anna to whom you report.



Reference is often made in ENews to the Locks Bridges & Structures pages of the Trust's website, the main one being at

There has been a significant development on the 'Locks' page in conjunction with Google Maps insofar as the location of all locks has been plotted. The markers are in glorious technicolour because each colour represents the restoration phase in which they appear; green markers show the locks in 1A, yellow for those in 1B, it's rusty red for Phase 2 and blue for those in Phase 3.

The map can be expanded by using the "+" option at the side – so it follows it can be reduced by using the "-" option. When any marker is clicked then a pop-up appears with a description of the lock and its location. In certain instances Google's little yellow man may even be able to show you how to get there, too.



The CCT has been selected as one of three community groups to take part in Waitrose Stroud's "Community Matters" programme during September.

This is a scheme where shoppers get to vote for their favourite charity or good cause and the supermarket then divides a grant in the same proportions as the votes for each participating charity.

So – if you are in Stroud any time during the rest of this month and even if it is not your regular haunt, do pop into Waitrose to buy something because then you will get a little green tiddleywink-type token that you drop into the CCT ballot box container …….. please…….



Thanks as ever to Dave Marshall of Stroud District Council for this information.

Stonehouse Ocean: The realigned bridge has opened to traffic although it will not be permitted to swing until problems with the winding gear are resolved.
Ebley: The stop planks outside Ebley Mill have been removed to allow boats through. At the same time, the water level between Dudbridge and Ryeford has been raised to its normal level, having been reduced to protect works at Dudbridge.
Dudbridge: Construction of the landing stage near Dudbridge Crane continues at a slow pace, due to poor site access. Similarly, construction of the bypass channel outlet, immediately opposite, is proceeding slowly. 
Dudbridge Locks: It is virtually certain that work here will now continue well into next summer. Environment Agency restrictions mean that no work can be carried out in the channel here between 1st October and 15th May, due to the fish spawning season would you believe. Ordinarily, this would not be a problem on a canal but at this point the canal is carrying the flow of three streams. Contractors are looking at ways of achieving as much work as possible by the 30th September deadline. A further complication is that the two locks have to be restored using lime mortar, which cannot be used when there is a risk of frost.
Excavations for the hydro-electric turbine inlet chamber are complete. Construction of the weir crest between the canal and overflow channel is underway – this will govern the level of the canal upstream. Work to construct a fish pass through the bypass channel is also underway. Lining of the open part of the bypass channel has begun and this work will include construction of a retaining wall to hold back the higher land on the north side of the canal.
Chestnut Lane: Work here had been held up as the electricity meter had not been installed! Welding and electrical work is now underway. The bridge deck is complete and has been surfaced. The bridge is expected to open later this month.
Wallbridge: Volunteers from the Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) undertook the resetting of the coping stones on the canal edge just above the lock.
Capels Mill: Sheet piling is complete; these will retain the towpath. The concrete capping beam has now cast. At the western end around half of the material has been excavated, although this cannot be completed until an 18" water main has been diverted, work has started on this. At the eastern end, well over half of the concrete bored piles have now been installed; these will retain the landfill slope. Around half of the capping beam is in place. Due to the height of the land being retained, this pile wall has to be anchored. A test anchor has been installed and will be test loaded shortly. The canal has been dammed off and excavation commenced for the turning area immediately next to Arundel Aqueduct. Brickwork repairs on the upstream headwall of the Aqueduct are under way.
Griffins Mill: CCT volunteers continue working on the restoration of this lock. Work is currently focused on brickwork and coping stone repairs to the offside wall. Progress has been boosted by two weeks of work camps involving WRG.



Trow editor David Jowett took a trip aboard the Trust's tug 'Goliath' recently, armed with his trusty digital camera.

His efforts and expertise have produced a lovely video of the restored canal from Dudbridge Locks in the east through to (for the time being) Oil Mills Bridge in the west.

The 3 video films should provide an ideal opportunity for those readers who have not visited the area for some while to see what's been going on and can be found at

There are more to come, covering the stretch from Oil Mills Bridge through Ryeford Double Lock to Stonehouse Ocean.



If you live within a 20-mile radius of either of the Trust's Eastern or Western Maintenance Depot (postcodes SN6 6LW & GL10 3RT respectively) and are wondering where to get the next load of wood for the coming winter – then the Trust's Log Delivery Service could provide the solution!

For further information and/or to place an order please go to



For those volunteers who have not received a copy of the recent and oft-duplicated email, there's a Wine & Cheese party at Whitminster Village Hall (for satnav users its GL2 7NT) on Saturday 22nd September from 19:00 until 22:00. The objective is to allow volunteers from different activity areas to meet in a social environment and find out what others do. Who knows, you may even be encouraged to help in some other area of activity. It is hoped that as many Team Leaders as possible will be present so they can briefly describe what their particular team gets up to.

Free entry, but you must let Anna Watts know if you intend to attend, please; Anna can be contacted by email at or pho
ne 07800 581167 or 07976 617983



I'm not sure if this will catch on as, for example, collection/delivery logistics may be a problem. Nevertheless it is worth a go I think.

It's a section devoted to personal items that have become surplus to requirements where at least 50%, if not all, of the sale proceeds will be donated to the CCT. To start the ball rolling I have the following that need a new home, now we have had an extension built:

– Garden shed, windowless, 6' x 3' with a sloping roof. Currently dismantled, the floor bearers have just been replaced. One of the lower side planks could do with similar attention and the roof will need refelting ere too long.
– 9.5Kw Opal electric shower, new in December 2009. Soap dish is busted but otherwise in full working order.

Any reasonable offers considered – please let me know by email or phone 01452 505322.



And now some sad news for all those members and supporters who knew Martin Andrews, Robin Halliday and Paul Edwards.

Martin will be a name familiar to longer standing members as he and his wife Jacquie were pioneers of the Thames & Severn restoration. Martin's enthusiastic approach and dogged belief that there were no obstacles on the Thames and Severn Canal that could not be overcome convinced so many of the public to the worthy cause and to join the Trust. Upon retirement Martin and Jacquie moved to Coombe Martin in North Devon where Martin immediately became heavily involved in another mammoth yet worthy project of rebuilding the Lynton and Barnstable Railway.
Martin's funeral took place at Coombe Martin Parish Church on the 21st August.

Robin was well known to all those involved with the Sapperton Tunnel boat trips – remember when we were allowed to run those? – and he was also part of the group responsible for the early work on Coates Round House and towpaths in the area. Robin was elected Chairman of the reformed Summit & Thames End Branch in 1990 and was a driving force behind many of their activities, as well as finding time to serve on Trust Council, too. He has been described as a salt of the earth and a good and faithful friend to all that got close to him.
Robin's funeral will take place at Wroughton Parish Church on Tuesday 25th September at 12:00

Paul was a stalwart of the Trust's Western Maintenance Depot at Eastington for many years. A quiet, unassuming man, Paul oversaw the construction of the huge open-sided shed in the yard several years ago, along with what has become the very well equipped machine shop. Paul was invaluable on early work parties as he was one of only a very few volunteers who held chainsaw qualifications.
Paul's funeral will take place on Monday 24th September at 14:30 at St John's Church Elberton, South Gloucestershire. 

The Trust's sympathies are with the families of Martin, Robin and Paul at this sad time.



For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to  and the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page. To become a registered volunteer please follow the Register Me Now link.

Mondays & Wednesdays from 09:00: Maintenance activity at Western Depot*
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:00: Maintenance activity at Eastern Depot*
Thursdays from 10:00 – 15:30: Volunteer sessions aimed at people new to volunteering; meet Bell House Wallbridge. CCT members also welcome.
Thursdays from 16:30: Evening Work Parties at Eisey* (From 12th April)

19th – Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
22nd – Wine & Cheese evening at Whitminster, 19:00 – 22:00 (see story above)
26th – CAG Meeting Crown Cerney Wick from 19:30*

7th(1) – Work Party Ryeford Double Locks (Work Parties Stonehouse – Daneway)*
7th(2) – Banbury Canal Day (Roadshow activity)
9th -Western Branch meeting Fromebridge Mill 19:30
17th – Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
23rd – CAG Meeting Bell House Wallbridge 19:30*
28th – Work Party (Work Parties Stonehouse – Daneway)*

13th – Western Branch meeting Fromebridge Mill 19:30
18th – Work Party (Work Parties Stonehouse – Daneway)*
21st – Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
27th – CAG Meeting Crown Inn, Cerney Wick 19:30*

1st/2nd – First weekend of this season's Santa Trips at Saul (Provisional)
8th/9th – Santa trips at Saul (Provisional)
9th – Work Party (Work Parties Stonehouse – Daneway)*
11th – Western Branch meeting Fromebridge Mill 19:30
15th/16th – Santa trips at Saul (Provisional)
19th – Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
22nd/23rd – Final weekend of Santa trips at Saul (Provisional)


Newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT. Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

David Pagett
Editor, ENews