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ENews 2012-13

17th December 2012

Hello and welcome to ENews 2012-13.
May I wish all subscribers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year.
After all that’s happened during 2012, here’s hoping that 2013 brings news of yet more positive progress on the restoration that I am able to share with you as it happens.
The “Inverse” Headlines:
The auction of ash is slow burning
You can add some coals to the fire
A job share has started at Wallbridge
Easier now to enquire.
Calling apps fans of the Android
The Trust has one running I’m told
Last chance for cruising with Santa
A joy for the kids to behold.
The Depots will shut down for Christmas
Work parties at Wallbridge as well
That’s all for this latest edition
I wish you a joyous Noel!
Ideally suited for either open fires or log burning stoves, ash is regarded by many as the best wood available for burning.
Western Depot at Eastington has got its hands on some of this quality wood and is auctioning off an 80 cu ft (2.26 cu m) load – guaranteed 100% ash – it will make a pile 4’ long, 5’ wide and 4’ high (or any combination of 3 numbers that, when multiplied together, make 80).
Included in the auction is free delivery within a 30-mile radius of GL10 3RT – and the offer of free stacking! If the winning bid is stupendous and comes from someone outside this radius then I’m sure The Logman will be more than happy to deliver.
To make your bid go to and follow the link in the ‘Latest News’ bit.
The Trust’s Head Office at Wallbridge has welcomed 2 new members to the team recently.
Justine Hopkins and Sarah Fesel took over the reins from Sharon Eastwood earlier this month on a job-share basis. Sharon worked part-time for nearly 2 years, but found that the needs of her equestrian enterprises meant she could not offer the additional hours the Trust was seeking to cover.

Welcome Justine and Sarah and best wishes to Sharon for her future success in the equine world.


I’m sure fans of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ will remember dear old Marvin the Paranoid Android – well this is nothing to do with him. As far as I know, anyway.
This is technology that has passed me by so far, but I am reliably informed that The Cotswold Canals Trust now has an Android app. The app is a free download from Google Play (search for “Cotswold Canals”).
It has been produced at no cost to the Trust and is designed to work on phones and tablets with Android installed, ver2.2 or above.
If the children and grandchildren are still pestering to see Santa before he sets off on his gruelling Christmas schedule – then this coming Saturday and Sunday will be their last chance in 2012!
Once again he has found time to be aboard the Trust’s trip boat ‘Perseverance’ at Saul on the 22nd and 23rd, between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00, ready to hand out presents to all the children during the 20-minute cruises whilst the grown-ups look forward to their mince pie and warming drink.
Santa tells me he’s had a wonderfully busy time this year and is looking forward to a final fling. There’s no booking system; just turn up and go, although there may be the opportunity to have a look around the Heritage Centre beforehand at busy times.


The Maintenance Depot at Eastington will shut down for Christmas & the New Year at the close of play on Wednesday 19th December, reopening for business on Monday 7th January.
Meanwhile for Eastern Depot at Alex Farm, Eisey, the dates are 20th December & 3rd January respectively.
The Tuesday & Thursday volunteering sessions based at Wallbridge also end on the 20th December and fire up again on the 3rd January.
So…………what do you do if you start suffering from “I’ve-had-enough-of-Christmas-itis” and want something to do to work off that turkey & Christmas pud?
Go along to the WRG Scrub Bash at Rucks Bridge, Alex Farm from 27 December to 1 January, that’s what. We also have a visit from KESCRG (Kent & East Sussex Canal Restoration Group) over the weekend of 5/6 January. CCT volunteers are always welcome at these events.
More details from Jon Pontefract on 07986 351412 email or from Martin Thompson on 07736 796419 email


Newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT.
Any and all feedback is more than welcome.
David Pagett
Editor, ENews


Supplementary ENews issued 19th December

Dear ENews Subscriber,

This is like waiting for a bus – you wait for ages then two come along at once. I received the monthly update of what’s going on from Stroud District Council just after I pushed the button to send out 2012-13.

Rather than wait until the New Year I felt you may appreciate news of what’s been going on recently.

As usual I am indebted to Dave Marshall of SDC for this information.


Ebley: Contractors have not yet begun installing additional stop plank grooves adjacent to the Ebley flood gates; their priority having been to continue works at Dudbridge. High water levels are also now posing a problem. Work is well underway on laying the new section of towpath with a ramped section leading down to Ebley Mill.

Dudbridge Field: We are very aware of concerns with the towpath through this field, with the top finishing layer not being applied.
The speed of the Thursday volunteers in laying the path exceeded the capacity of REACH to lay the top surface. There have also been problems with getting the material into the field without causing too much damage. The material is now on site and REACH has begun limited work, but much of the towpath has recently been under water (from the river, not the canal!)

Dudbridge: The towpath beneath the bridge was reinstated and opened as scheduled on 5th November, giving access onto the towpath from Dudbridge Bridge towards Hilly Orchard. It has now been closed again due to the canal rising above it and depositing a thick layer of mud.
The problem will be solved by rerouting the towpath onto the higher ground slightly further south. The lower side walls of the hydro-electric outlet chamber have been cast, but work is again delayed by high water levels. Ruscombe Brook has now been diverted on to its permanent new alignment.

Dudbridge Locks: Work continues on the Armaloc and Porcupine walls; both are intended to prevent erosion and retain the slope above. The contractor should be off site by Christmas. Refurbishment of the two locks and clearance of the channel between will be tendered early in the new year for a June start. The contractors’ temporary bridge over the canal had to be removed as it was causing water to back, threatening to flood industrial premises in Chestnut Lane. It has now been reinstated.

Chestnut Lane: A water main in front of the Cemex concrete plant has been diverted; this could not be done previously as it would have blocked access.

Capels Mill: Around three quarters of the 50+ special ground anchors have now been installed. They are now being tested, stressed and tied in. The water main beneath the channel west of the railway viaduct has been diverted, enabling excavation work to begin on the channel itself. Material from the excavation is being taken away, as there is insufficient room to keep it on site.

Flooding: The Canal Team was pleased to be able to supply a pump to premises at Canal Ironworks which were being flooded, even though the problem did not emanate from the canal.


Happy Christmas!

David Pagett

ENews Editor