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ENews 2013-01

24 January 2013
Hello, Happy New Year and welcome to ENews 2013-01.

We enter the New Year with a new Chairman at the helm, some new projects on the stocks and renewed enthusiasm amongst the volunteer workforce in particular who are looking forward to seeing some significant developments on all fronts!

In this issue:
Bids for the ash load are stunning
The last date to send them is near
Summit Work Parties need leading
Good place to meet for a beer
News for the New Year on 1A
A trip boat for Ebley, a boon
Three Hundred Club winners have been drawn
Three people are over the moon
There’s a vacancy too at the Roadshow
Retiring is Manager Mike
Thanks to the Winkers in Waitrose
A cheque came our way that we like.  
Not long to go now before the auction for OVER 100 CUBIC FEET – that’s 25% more than one of our standard large loads – of pristine ash logs reaches its climax…….
(As a guide, this volume of wood will make a stack of roughly 6’ x 5’ x 3’6” dimensions – or any 3 numbers which, when multiplied together, come to somewhere around 100.)
Ash is THE wood for burning and is ideally suited for both log burning stoves and open fires. Bids please via the website at and the final date for bids is 12 noon on Sunday 3rd February.
Whilst on this subject the Western Depot Loggers have acquired rather a large oak that fell about 18 months ago. The plan is to cut and split over the next few weeks, mix with the residual ash they already have and sell as premium loads until it runs out; further information at
For longer than I care to remember, CCT stalwart Mark Welton has led regular Work Parties in and around the summit pound of the Thames & Severn Canal, based on the Tunnel House Inn at Coates.
Regrettably for the Trust, Mark has decided that pressure of work coupled with other long standing commitments means that he feels unable to continue leading these Work Parties.

Sorry to see you go, Mark, and good luck with all your future endeavours.

What this means is that there is a vacancy for a Team Leader who is prepared to take charge of Work Parties in this location. If this appeals or if you would like some more information contact Construction Director Mike Hynd,  
The latest news from Dave Marshall, that doyen of information at Stroud District Council, appears below.
For the benefit of those readers unfamiliar with the exact locations but who know the Stroud area in general, items 1-3 are between Sainsbury’s in the east and Tricorn House in the west. No. 4, Capel’s Mill, is located opposite Waitrose adjacent to Dr Newton’s Way; heading east, No.5 is down the side of the British Oak pub on the A419 London Road, turning into Butterow Hill at the traffic lights; No. 6 is about ½ mile further on, accessed via a signed but partly obscured Public Footpath.
1. Dudbridge: REACH has now begun work to raise the towpath between Hilly Orchard and Dudbridge Bridge, by rerouting it onto the higher ground slightly away from the canal. This should solve the problem of the existing towpath being flooded when river flow causes the canal level to rise during periods of wet weather.
2. Dudbridge Locks: Work here is virtually complete, though it has inevitably been delayed by high water levels. As a result, the contractors are now expected to be off-site at the end of this month. Topsoil and grass seed will be applied when the weather permits.
Tenders for the lock refurbishment will be sought during February and potential contractors are going through the pre-qualification process. Trial holes are being dug to locate the gas main Near Dudbridge Road to enable a new flood wall to be built.  
3. Chestnut Lane: The new swing bridge is now fully serviceable, having had initial problems with flood water affecting the electrics. The new brick wall behind the control cabinet is virtually complete.  
4. Capels Mill: All except one of the 53 special ground anchors have now been installed, tested, stressed and tied in. A layer of gravel 25-30m below ground level is causing problems with the final one. Around half of the channel west of the railway viaduct has now been excavated and the resulting channel allowed to fill with water. Once again, work has been delayed by the wet weather. Material from the excavation is being taken away, as there is insufficient room to keep it on site.  
5. Bowbridge: Volunteers from the Tuesday and Thursday groups are now busy upgrading the towpath at Bowbridge Lock. They will be working eastwards towards Stantons Bridge and ultimately Ham Mill Lock.
6. Griffins Mill Lock: Volunteers have finished rebuilding the offside wall and are now focusing on removing defective brickwork fro the towpath side. They have also installed stop plank grooves. Work here
has been delayed by high water levels.
– Maintenance: Volunteers are using the new maintenance boat – Wookey Hole – every Monday and Wednesday to undertake maintenance tasks and inspect the canal for issues which may not be visible from the towpath.
– Trip Boat: The CCT has now purchased a trip boat, capable of carrying 10 passengers. Up to GBP38,000 has been set aside for purchasing the boat, training the crews and setting-up the operation. One third of the cost has been raised so far, thanks to a grant from Stroud District Council and a co-sponsorship agreement with Alun Griffiths Construction. The boat is currently being repainted and is expected to take to the water in early March, with passenger services from Ebley Mill beginning a couple of months later. Volunteers to help run the boat are now being sought, register your willingness to help via the Connect website at
As many readers will know, the Trust runs a 300 Club lottery with draws taking place in January, April, July and October of each year.
The January draw has been made with the winners sharing a prize fund totalling GBP1,030 this time round. The winners were:-
•        1st – A Woolacott, GBP618
•        2nd – M Fromm, GBP309
•        3rd – P Mitchell, GBP103
The 300 Club is open to all members of the CCT. The annual subscription is GBP15 per stake and up to 4 stakes can be held.
For further information have a look at
After 6 years in the role – during which time there have been so many changes – Roadshow Manager Mike Slade wishes to relinquish the post shortly so the Trading Company is looking to appoint a volunteer to take Mike’s place. Thanks Mike (and partner Pat of course) for all you have achieved over this period.
The Aims and Objectives of the Roadshow are to promote the Trust at various events, advise visitors of restoration progress and identify new member recruitment opportunities.
Responsibilities include:-
•        Identifying appropriate events and venues
•        Liaising with event organisers to secure pitches at viable rates
•        Rostering and enthusing CCT volunteers to help with the Roadshow logistics and/or promoting and discussing the CCT with visitors to the event
•        Loading & transporting equipment and stock to/from venue; set up/take down of the Roadshow marquee and displays; retail sales; effective membership recruitment
•        Manage income and stock ordering procedures. Access to email and use of Excel spread sheets and MS Word will be an advantage
•        Submit reports on Roadshow activities and requirements
The successful candidate would initially work under Mike's direction but would assume full responsibility for the Roadshow at the earliest opportunity. From a practical and logistical perspective the successful applicant will ideally live in the Stroud area.
For further information please contact CCT Administration Team, attention Trading Company Chair Clive Field.
Meanwhile the calendar of the events the Roadshow hopes to attend during 2013 appears on the Connect website under the perhaps unsurprising heading of ‘Roadshow Calendar’.
Supermarket group Waitrose run a Community Matters Scheme that allows customers to show their support for local charities by placing a green token in one of three collection boxes.
The CCT was one of the chosen charities for November last at the company's Stroud store……and out of the GBP1,000 allocated each month to the scheme, Chairman Mike Guest was presented with a cheque for GBP529 recently.
Mike would like to thank all members & supporters in the Stroud area who shop at Waitrose and who tiddled their wink into the CCT pot.
For further information and contact details about items marked* please go to and the Message Boards on the Activities and Rosters page. To become a registered volunteer please follow the Register Me Now link.
– Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09:00: Maintenance activity at Eastern Depot*
– Tuesdays & Thursdays from 10:00 – 15:30: Volunteer sessions aimed at people new to volunteering; meet Bell House Wallbridge. CCT members also welcome.
– Mondays & Wednesdays from 09:00: Maintenance activity at Western Depot*
– Wednesdays and Sundays from 09:00: Work parties at Griffins Mill Lock*
27th – Work Party Wallbridge Upper Lock CANCELLED in vew of the weather
12th- Western Branch meeting, Fromebridge Mill Whitminster 19:30
17th – Work Party Stonehouse – Daneway venue TBA*
20th – Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
26th – Construction Action Group meeting Crown Inn Cerney Wick, 19:30
12th- Western Branch meeting, Fromebridge Mill Whitminster 19:30
17th – Work Party Stonehouse – Daneway venue TBA*
20th- Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
26th – Construction Action Group meeting Bell House Wallbridge, 19:30
7th- Work Party Stroud – Daneway venue TBA*
9th- Western Branch meeting, Fromebridge Mill Whitminster 19:30
17th- Eastern Branch meeting, Trout Inn Lechlade 19:30
23rd – Construction Action Group meeting Crown Inn Cerney Wick, 19:30
Newsworthy items for consideration should be sent to but please remember I am always looking for a connection with the Stroudwater, the Thames & Severn or the CCT.
Any and all feedback is more than welcome.
David Pagett
Editor, ENews