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ENews 26

Hello & welcome to E-News No. 26



……and it may have been my fault after all.

It looks as if the catalyst for rejection was the combination of symbols I was using to highlight the headings in previous issues. If you look again at E-News No.25 you will see they were omitted this time.

Maybe you still do not appear to be receiving E-News; have a look in your Hotmail "Junk email" folder and, if it's in there, you can adjust the settings so that future issues are received without problem.




Around Dudbridge there are overgrown patches of scrub and a series of small to medium sized trees that need to be selectively removed as they are within the proposed canal channel. Can you help out over the weekend of the 3rd/4th February to clear and open up the channel in preparation for future restoration works?

Please contact BW's Richard Harrison direct on 01452 318501 or if you can.



The 3 options for the route the canal could take through what is one of Gloucestershire's hidden gems become so much clearer if you go and have a look at both the site and the display in the Project Stroud shop in John Street.

As mentioned in E-News 25, Partnership personnel will be on hand on the 24th 26th & 27th January both in the shop and on site. I've made up my mind after a visit my wife & I made last Friday; editorial impartiality forbids me from disclosing my preferences!

By Monday afternoon, hopefully, will have a diagrammatic map outlining the 3 routes being considered. Go to 'Press Releases', then the 'Capel Mill consultation 1' link if you are a little unclear about precisely where Capel Mill is.

Go on – you know it makes sense. Get your questionnaire and comments in to BW by the end of the month as the more representative the result of the consultation exercise is then the more notice will have to be taken of it.



This is the acronym for the Works Action Group that meets under the chairmanship of that well-known Canambler Richard Attwood. Waggers are those volunteers involved in practical restoration, those who enjoy the unmitigated delights of muck & bullets.

The next meeting will be at Saul Heritage Centre on Tuesday 23rd January, start 7.30p.m., all interested parties are more than welcome.



Re: Alan Jones' Brimscombe work parties – next one on the 28th January – parking is NOT available in the King & Castle pub car park.

Reference should have been made instead to a lay-by opposite the King & Castle where one can park.

Apologies to the K & C for any misunderstanding