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ENews 38

Welcome to ENews 38, especially to those of you who responded to my plea to change a previously registered Hotmail email address. You have reduced my workload significantly by bringing the number down from over 70 to 42 at the moment, many thanks for your help.

For those of you who may be unaware of the problem, editions of ENews are issued automatically to well over 750 Inboxes at my touch of a button.

Except, that is, to Hotmail email addresses.

Without exception they are all rejected for reasons unknown. Because the underlying and ongoing objective of ENews continues to be to communicate with, update and inform CCT Members, volunteers and interested parties alike, individual copies are prepared and forwarded to all remaining Hotmail addresses. As I am sure you can imagine this is a time consuming exercise.



A reminder that because next Monday is a Bank Holiday the Western Branch meeting will be held on Monday 14th May at Fromebridge Mill, Whitminster.

The Roadshow will be at the Crick Boat Show over the late May Bank Holiday weekend and it's not too late to offer to lend a hand. Roadshow Manager Mike Slade would love to hear from you if you can help, 07805 110080 or evenings 01179 693270, email

The Saul Festival is only 60 days away and Colin Magrath the Support Staff Manager still has some wonderful job opportunities available.

Remember that agreeing to undertake two or more adult shifts gives you free Festival site entry throughout the whole weekend. Contact Colin through the Festival website at or you can ring him on 07749 051831.



Last Sunday saw a perhaps less than expected number of us really enjoy Richard Attwood's 12 mile jaunt along and around the route of Phase 1A. Special thanks to Linda Amery for providing refreshments near the start and to the residents of the Ryeford area for providing delicious and much needed teas, coffees and snacks towards the end.

It is a bit soon to know how much has been raised until all the sponsorship money has been collected but a little bird tells me that it will be significantly more than one would assume, given the relatively low number of walkers.

Those of you who were thinking 'shall we or shan't we' missed a lovely day out taking in an interesting route together with the opportunity to raise funds for the restoration. Hopefully Richard will be persuaded to organise another one for 2008, again with a 6 mile option thrown in.

(According to my dictionary it means easy and flowing, by the way.)



We are thinking of putting in regular appearances at the monthly Stroud Farmers' Market, perhaps for a trial period of 3 months to see how it goes. A wonderful idea on paper, but to put it into practice we shall need a good supply of volunteers.

If you feel that in principle you could be interested in offering a couple of hours on one or more Saturdays during the trial period please let Mike Slade know, 07805 110080 or evenings 01179 693270, email



We have acquired a Land Rover, and a bargain it appears to be too. If you would like to be considered as a driver, especially for towing the Roadshow trailer to or from venues then please let me know. Training will be provided.

Meanwhile as the Landie will have a dual role we are looking for a "Warn Hydraulic Winch" I am told. If you know of the whereabouts of a chunky one in good condition then again please let me know.



If you are registered with Connect then you will not have failed to notice a somewhat bizarre occurrence last Saturday morning. Your Inbox will have received multiple and identical emails, about the one day Stroud Country Show on July 21st, and the record is 15 so far.

Unless you know any different, of course.

The perpetrator is somewhat embarrassed to say the least and the subsequent enquiry has revealed the likely cause. It is probable that two Senior Moments rolled into one and at the same time he encountered a little local difficulty with that well-known mantra "Operative's Digital Dexterity Is The Yardstick", or ODDITY for short. Hopefully the problem has been resolved and, on his behalf, humble apologies to all of you who were affected.

Oh, and in all the excitement, he got his Phase 1As and Phase 1Bs mixed up as well.



Whilst I am on about Connect, this may be an opportune time to remind you what it is all about. We have drawn together volunteer records from around the Trust to form a centralised database of volunteers and volunteer activity. The system depends upon up to date information being recorded, so please may I ask again that those of you who have yet to check and amend your personal record are kind enough to do so at the earliest opportunity?

Now I am sure that some of you would like to record your volunteer areas of interest for the first time, maybe you are a new member of the Cotswold Canals Trust, or maybe you have never known who to ask or where to go to find out about volunteering opportunities.

Well, the procedure has been made as easy as possible and when you have finished reading this all you need to do is go to Follow the "Register Me Now" link, complete a few basic details, check the Interest boxes for the areas that appeal to you and there you have it. Job done. Then you can access the "Activities" page to see what's going on, ascertain where help is required and follow the simple procedure for contacting the organiser to offer your assistance.



Our Saul to Daneway Work Party supremo Alan Jones reports that work at St Mary's Lock is finished and he has received a good response from locals on a job well done.

This is an excellent result and grateful thanks to all of you who have been involved over the last couple of months.


As Alan does not know how to sit still he's organised at least two more work parties, for the 13th & 27th May. These will be based on Bourne Lock, about a mile nearer Stroud, and further information (including access details) will appear on the Connect Activities page Message Board once Alan has got it sorted.