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ENews 50

Hello, and welcome to ENews No. 50 …..and to some news literally just in.

Nevertheless it is confirmation of what many of us have been waiting to hear for a long, long time.

I have received an email from Stroud District Council and it says:

Tomorrow (Tuesday 18th) sees the "official" start of work at Oil Mills, Ebley. Obviously some work has already taken place there in preparation and I don't think actual work will start until next week at the earliest. Tomorrow is purely a photo opportunity for The Citizen and the Stroud News & Journal.

Nonetheless, it is a symbolic occasion at which CCT members may well want to be present. There will not be any ceremony, speeches etc – just a "spade in the ground" involving Bruce, Cllr Studdert-Kennedy and Robin Evans from BW.

We know that this is very last minute, but there are good reasons for this. Please apologise to your members that we could not give them any more notice, but we do recognise that volunteers have kept the whole thing going up to this point and that some may wish to come along.

We're planning to meet at 12 noon at Oil Mills (Snow Mills) Bridge. I'd be grateful if you could circulate as many as possible as soon as possible.

Dave Marshall
Public Relations Officer
01453 754646


So there you have it. I shall, perhaps unusually some of you may feel, pass no comment. Let us all rejoice in the good news that something is really happening, AT LAST! If you know of interested parties who do not subscribe to ENews for whatever reason, please feel free to pass the message on.

Until the next time

David Pagett

ENews Postmaster