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ENews 61

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Hello, good evening & welcome to ENews 61.



The following is a genuine extract from the Chief Executive's Report to the BW Board Meeting in July. It may just bring a smile to your face!

"The annual Saul Junction Festival was cancelled due to flooding of the site.

"There is no question of BW being blamed for this which will have had a significant financial impact for the Cotswolds Canals Trust."

Unusually – I couldn't possibly comment.



And the wind and the sun – but we are seeing some lovely rainbows.
Anyway there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We do have some dedicated volunteers out there you know……

Two weekends in a row is a bit much, but those souls who have braved the elements have all had a wonderful time. Takings are obviously weather related but amazingly the 'shortfall' so far after 3 cruising days is only the equivalent of about 30 passengers. Easy to make up if we are blessed with some half decent weather for the remaining two weekends.

For our part we shall be there on the weekends of the 15th/16th and the 22nd/23rd, busily creating a lovely atmosphere, especially for the kiddies, so please spread the word that we are very much up and running!

There are still some Elfing opportunities on the 22nd & 23rd. If you feel you could be available for either a morning or afternoon shift on one (or both!) of these days please let me know – or 01452 505322.



Cotswold Canals Trust – Chief Executive Officer Required (Part Time)

Have you got what it takes to help restore a canal and work effectively with volunteers?

If you have an engineering background with a proven track record of successful projects, an ability to successfully communicate to a wide range of people, plus a capability to raise considerable funds to enable the continuing restoration this might be the ideal post for you.

Interested? The job description can be found on For further details of the job, including details of the proposed remuneration package, please contact the Chairman  or phone 01367 253121.

Apply on line with letter of application and cv or post to Mrs E Payne, Chairman, The Cotswold Canals Trust, St Johns Lock, Faringdon Road, LECHLADE Glos GL7 3HA.

Closing date Thursday 20 December 2007



My sources have culled the following from an email circulating within BW's Gloucester Office

"I just wanted to make you aware of some of the terrific work that the CCT have done for us over the past few weeks towards the restoration of Phase 1a.

In November they spent two days doing masonry work at the Port Walls and a day over the weekend of the 24th clearing vegetation, trees and copings at Ryeford during which they also managed to get the Ryeford footbridge swinging again.

They have spent two days clearing behind the back of the Brimscombe Port Walls, including the removal of several difficult trees. This work in particular has shown how the training in its various forms is really starting to pay off. The trees alone had originally been earmarked for contractors, who had quoted in excess of £1,500.

The guys have done a great job and worked tremendously hard, rain or shine, and deserve some real credit for the contributions they're making."

Hearty congratulations to all involved – some official recognition of your significant efforts!



As the excesses of Christmas will be but a dim & distant memory by then, Eastern Branch are holding their Annual New Year Dinner at the Trout Inn Lechlade, on Saturday 19 January 7.00 pm for 7.30 pm.

The cost will be £24.95 per head, I am reliably informed that the rest of your body goes for free; for a copy of the very imaginative and mouth watering menu please contact Liz Payne


Not a reference to a forecasted cold snap but a reminder that there is just over a week left to sell the Christmas Draw Tickets. Don't miss this opportunity to win £1,000 and at the same time support the Restoration Appeal.

Please return cash & counterfoils to Linda Amery, 13 Bowbridge Lock, Bowbridge, Stroud, Glos. GL5 2JZ by Wednesday 19th December.

Tickets will, however, remain on sale at the Heritage Centre, Saul right up until the last minute – or seconds – before the draw takes place there at 2pm on the 23rd.


Then please have a look at the "Cotswold Canals Brimscombe Area Action Plan that you'll find at

A weighty tome, I am sorry that its existence has only recently been brought to my attention meaning that the deadline for submissions is rather close – 12th December to be precise. In the time remaining please lodge a submission in favour of the canal being restored. You can do this online, or download a formset at

To condense 80-odd pages of plans for the Port redevelopment into a couple of paragraphs is a bit tricky, but here are a few salient points:
* The solution must be affordable, it needs to generate sufficient income and therefore be attractive to developers. An "As it Was" restoration is not an option as probable contamination from past dumping has made that unaffordable as far as can be ascertained

* Grouping the developable area together maximises opportunity and minimises access points – and therefore helps to keep overhead costs down

* Keeping the canal route near to the river helps floodwater overspill

* Raising devlopment out of the floodplain overcomes objections from EA. Put car parking within the floodplain

* Design should make the canal/river crossover and the road bridge crossing as simple as possible

Good luck!



Member and East End regular David Robinson is currently busy reprofiling the stem post on the bow of the Trust's trip boat Inglesham. This has involved the use of fibre glass, white gel coat & plenty of sandpaper. The 'piece de resistance' is a thin brass strip that runs down the stem, but the one David took off is past its sell-by date.

He tells me that the brass section is 15 mm wide x by 5mm thick, of a convex section (i.e. a shallow D section) and about 4 to 5 feet of it is required…..or, if you prefer: about 0.6"thick, 0.2" wide and between 1200 & 1500 mm long!

If you can help please let David know –  or 07785-761267


For updates on restoration progress at Oil Mills – with pictures – have a look at the Cotswold Canals Partnership's website, The rest of the website is well worth a visit too.


The objective of ENews is to advise, inform and update. And maybe even to amuse from time to time.

I have not got a canary in every coalmine, so please feel free to send any newsworthy items you would like to be considered for inclusion to

Bye for now – keep me posted!

David Pagett