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ENews No 1

Dear Volunteer,

As you are well aware the Trust's main means of communication with its members is via the Trow. Additionally there are some ad hoc email groups centered around known Volunteers.

We are having a go at developing an electronic newsletter system to streamline this communication process so that Members can have the opportunity to receive newsletters about specific elements of the Trust's activities. It is known as a "Double Opt in System" that is really simple to use. You simply enter your email address on a new CCT web page – – and this generates an email to your Inbox. You must respond, thereby affirming your agreement to participate, and this is where the Double Opt in comes from. The system will be "launched" in the Summer edition of the Trow and will be available to all CCT Members from then. So, you are one of the select few at the moment! Please have a look at this web page now, because to help us test the system I have already "subscribed" you as you have told me your email address via the Volunteer Register. You will see that as a Member you can opt out of the newsletter at any time, the beauty of the system is that it is you who is in control of what you receive.

Please will you be a guinea pig? At the moment there are just 2 of us testing the system, and we need a larger audience! Newsletters will be sporadic and they should all have the word TEST in the title – as long as I remember. If you have any observations or constructive comments then do please let us know by following the email link at the foot of the web page.

With kind regards and many thanks

David Pagett

Newsletter Webmaster