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ENews No 13


A reminder that the AGM of the Cotswold Canals Trust will take place on Saturday 23rd September at New Memorial Hall, Lechlade, commencing 10.30a.m.


Following the recent HSE investigation into the incident at Newtown Lock certain procedural matters have now been agreed between the Trust and the Health & Safety Executive. In the majority of cases these procedures amount to no more than formalising existing informal arrangements.

British Waterways also require a schedule of all our current & planned activities between now and the 31st March next where these take place on land under their control – from litter picking to guided walks, boat trips and any restoration or vegetation management – detailing the 'what, where & when'. A similar request has been made to all volunteer groups working anywhere on the British Waterways network.

To enable currently suspended operations to resume as soon as possible, the way forward has been agreed as follows:-
-Approximately* 12 existing "Team Leaders" have been formally identified and endorsed by the Trust Council. [*There are a couple of vacancies at the moment]
– Keith Lloyd, the Trust's Health & Safety Director, will be briefing Team Leaders at the earliest opportunity
– The Risk Assessment and Method Statement for each area of activity are to be reviewed then discussed with, and agreed by, Keith
– Where work is proposed on land under their control, British Waterways will be sent a copy to ensure it complies with their requirements
– Activities recommence!

Although this may all sound rather cumbersome it should be borne in mind that most of this documentation is already in place. It is just our procedures that are being 'tweaked'.

It is difficult to be specific about a timescale but at least we now have a way forward and many activities should be able to resume shortly.

Further updates will be issued via the Electronic Newsletter system as & when appropriate.


……TO Mark Welton, who has been appointed the Stock Control Manager  at the Trust's Western Depot at Eastington.

That leaves another invaluable role still available, and that is for a

TRAVELLING PROMOTIONS UNIT MANAGER, also known as: Roadshow Manager

This is considered an ideal opportunity for either an individual or a couple.

The role involves:
– Confirming events & booking pitches with event organisers – approximately 10/15 per year at present
– Contacting suitable volunteers from existing records to form the Roadshow team (bearing in mind both sales and recruitment objectives)

– Liaising with the Quartermaster re: appropriate sales stock and promotional material
– Organising the logistics of transporting the required equipment – canvas, sales stock, promotional material etc – to the event
– Overall responsibility for relevant Health and Safety issues
– Maintaining appropriate bookings records
– Reporting to the Trading Company Directors on a regular basis

The successful candidate will have:
– Good organisational & communication skills
– An ability to motivate staff
– A willingness to attend some events to consider suitability of event for the future, Roadshow appearance, stocking levels, balance of staff etc
– Internet access and basic Excel Spreadsheet experience – training provided if required

The use of a CCT funded "Pay as you Go" mobile is offered as an option

Please contact David Pagett, Trading Company Chairman at cct@well-springs.co.uk in the first instance