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ENews No 15

Welcome to Issue No. 15 of the Cotswold Canals Trust's electronic newsletter.

Apologies may be due to a few of you who could have received two copies of No.14; our hosts PHP suffered a major computer failure over the weekend of the 23rd/24th September and I may have reissued to new subscribers before PHP were restored to rude health. Sorry!


Did you know that the Chancellor of the Exchequer can give the Cotswold Canals Trust £2.80 – yes, nearly £3 – for every family membership subscription we receive? For an ordinary single membership this figure is still as much as £2.24. Not just once, but for all the subscriptions you have paid since 2000 together with those you will pay in the future.

This is Gift Aid, and it really does exactly what it says on the tin…as long as you are a UK taxpayer.

The majority of members have completed a Gift Aid declaration, but at the last count there were 542 who have not. And there are a further 365 members where the subscription appears not to qualify; for example maybe the membership is for a non UK taxpayer, a corporate member or Local Council, but there is a possibility that it may have been incorrectly classified.

If you cannot remember whether you have completed a Gift Aid declaration then Membership Secretary Des Pinnock will be delighted to enlighten you. Just send an email to for clarification.

Similarly if you know you haven't but either feel or know that your subscription qualifies for Gift Aid then please download a Declaration from, complete and post off to Des; you'll find his address in the Trow.

With your help we can recover £1,500 at the very minimum from the Chancellor's coffers, probably a great deal more……


As the 2006 cruising season draws to a close Mike Cawsey reports that several vacancies have arisen in the Trust's Lechlade trip boat operation, which need to be filled before the 2007 season starts again next Easter.

Do you live in the Lechlade area and are you just itching to become involved? For example – do you possess administration & boating skills; have you an understanding of Health and Safety Risk Assessment (or willing to learn about the subject); have you some time to spare, maybe you have just retired; maybe you are looking for a new hobby; maybe you would rather offer more general help crewing the boat or talking to our visitors bank-side prior to their trip.

This is no more than a short summary of the range of duties, and for further information about these or other possibilities then all you have to do is contact Mike at

A final thought – maybe you have a relative, friend or neighbour you know to be interested in the Trust's trip boat activities. Please feel free to point them in Mike's direction as well!


Meanwhile it has been decided to extend the trip boat operating season at Saul; Perseverance will be running cruises on each Sunday during October between the hours of 1100 & 1600………weather permitting of course! Perseverance is available for charter at very reasonable rates at most other times; please contact if you would like further details.


The Team Leader at Western Depot, Roger Wells, is delighted to announce that work resumes there on Wednesday 4th October. In view of the backlog that has built up the Depot will be "Open for Business" between the hours of 0930 – 1600 Mondays & Wednesdays.

New volunteers are always welcome, simply make yourself known to Roger upon arrival.

If you require further information Roger can be contacted at


Clearance has now been received to run our ever popular Santa Cruises again this year, which is marvellous news. The proposed dates of operation during December are:-

* SATURDAYS 9th 16th & 23rd
* SUNDAYS 3rd 10th & 17th

Details are yet to be finalised but the format will be similar to previous years. If you have been one of Santa's helpers in the past and would like to be involved again – or you would like to lend a hand for the first time – please contact me as soon as possible at