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ENews No 6

Welcome to Newsletter No. 6 – what exciting times!

All of a sudden there seems to be the likelihood of some real progress just around the corner and it is only a shame that the dates clash for the two events described below…..




Location – Stroudwater Canal between Oil Mills Bridge, Ebley, and Ryeford Double Lock. The site is off Bridge Road just west of Ebley Mill and the new housing development to the south of the old A419.

Work: Clearing overgrowth and brambles prior to reptile rescue and BW excavating out the infilled canal and dredging


Sunday 30th July – 10am to 5pm

Monday 31st July – 10am to 5pm

Tuesday 1st Aug – 10am to 5pm

Wednesday 2nd Aug – 10am to 4pm and 6pm – 9pm

Further working parties may be needed over the next week if the task is not completed during these ones.

Clothing: If you have steel toecap boots/shoes, gloves, eye protection, please bring them. Wear long sleeves to reduce sunburn, insect bites and nettle stings. There will be a limited stock of safety equipment for those unable to bring their own.

Please bring plenty of drink, especially if it is as hot as it has been recently.

Please visit http://www.stroudwater.co.uk/ryeford/ to check for updates to the above information and if, having done so, you need more information call Ken Burgin on 01453 827414 or email ken.burgin@pikelock.com.

Hope to see you there…..Ken Burgin




There will be an Archaeological Dig at Dudbridge Wharf on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th July.

Anyone interested in joining in please contact Keith Lloyd as soon as possible.

In the Autumn we intend holding a course on Archaeology at Cirencester College, although details such as dates and times have yet to be finalised. In order that we can get a feel for the number of members who may be interested please contact me if you think you would like to become involved.

Telephone 07758 004250 or email keith-lloyd@supanet.com