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ENews No 9

My apologies to existing subscribers, as this latest Cotswold Canals Trust Electronic Newsletter is primarily addressed to the 249 of you who have today been subscribed to it.

If you would like further details of the Newsletter concept, please visit , or perhaps look again at the article published in the summer edition of "The Trow".

Your email address has been taken from the Trust's existing membership records as the Newsletter works exclusively on this information. No other information is held by this system.

Should you not wish to be party to this project then, as it says on the website, it is you who remains in control. To unsubscribe simply follow the procedure outlined below.

I hope you are happy to remain as a subscriber, but if you feel you have any concerns then please feel free to contact me. Similarly if you have some CCT-related news or information that you feel should be circulated…….just let me know.

David Pagett

CCT Newsletter Postmaster