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Exhibition of Aerosol Art at Wallbridge

The Pete Tuffrey Canal Collection

An exhibition of aerosol art opens at the Cotswold Canals Trust Visitor Centre at Wallbridge Lock on Saturday 24th August.

Aerosol can artistry

The Visitor Centre has hosted a series of succesful art exhibitions.

Trust photographer Mike Gallagher approached the Centre's managerment team with a recommendation that we should exhibit the work of local artist Peter Tuffrey.

Mike's explanation that… 'Pete paints pictures using aerosol cans' came as something of a surprise. A meeting with Pete was arranged and any misgivings we might have had rapidly evaporated.

Pete explains

"I started painting late in life at the age of thirty. Oils were my preferred medium, portraits & people were my favourite subjects.

"Since moving to Stroud, over the last few years I have experimented with various media and techniques.

"I have found that using spray paint in my art lends it a style and atmosphere that I’ve been striving for.

"Coupling this style with my love of canals has led me to produce scenes that depict canals’ industrial past, atmosphere and beauty.

"My influences are wide, from Turner to Banksy. I have a down to earth 'try it and see' attitude to painting, working fast initially in spray paint and afterwards in oil or acrylic.

"Media can be applied from the can, with a brush or using my hands or pallet knife…whatever works!

"Having lived on a boat on the Oxford canal I understand what an atmospheric and beautifully quiet place the canal can be.

"Even in a major city, once you are on the towpath you enter a different, slower paced world where the echoes of the past still linger… That’s what I am trying to capture."

 Click here to see Mike Gallagher's record of Pete hanging his work

Click on the two paintings to see a larger version.

Better still… come to the Wallbridge Lock Visitor Centre to get the full experience of Pete Tuffrey's 'Aerosol artistry.' 

Every picture is for sale.

Click on the icon below to go to Peter's Facebook page.