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Film Crew at Ham Mill

Filming for Safety at Ham Mill

The Ham Mill Lock restoration team were pleased to welcome a film crew from ViewPointTV on Tuesday 31st March. The crew arrived with four Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) volunteers and a representative from the Canal & River Trust (CRT). The purpose of the visit was a joint venture between CRT and WRG to make a safety at work video.

Safety to benefit others

The video will be aimed at canal restoration groups around the country. The film captured examples of good practice carried out by CCT and WRG volunteers as they performed a number of tasks.

From briefing to brick laying

The tasks included a team leader briefing a team of volunteers before moving on to the practicalities of restoring a long disused lock chamber. The practical work filmed included bricklaying, mixing mortar, use of an angle grinder and an ‘Arbortech’ mortar saw. 

Examples set

CCT project manager Ron Kerby explained, "I am glad the safety standards we train and adhere to will be used to help others engaged in canal restoration. Working with volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of practical experience means that 'safe working' is the first part of the training process"

The video will be edited to include footage taken on other construction sites. When the editing process is complete all parties involved will be asked to approve their respective parts. The video will then be released as a general safety video.

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