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Goliath arrives in Stonehouse

A Report from Mike Gallagher

The Cotswold Canals Trust’s push-tug Goliath moved into Stonehouse this week to maintain the stretch of canal from the Ocean to Ryeford, the mile long stretch recently dredged by Land & Water.

Canal Trust Construction Director, Mike Hynd explained, “Goliath will drag chains along the canal bed in order tackle silt and weed growth that have built up in the months since the dredging operation was completed.”

Goliath, which weighs over eight tonnes, was conveyed from its previous mooring at Eastington to Wharfdale Way, Stonehouse on a low-loader rented from Coombe Hill based heavy lifting specialists Charles Russell Machinery Transport.

The lorry used its on board, hydraulic heavy lifting equipment to crane Goliath over the fence and towpath before lowering it into the canal not far from Nutshell Bridge.

A thank you to the residents

Mike Hynd was keen to thank the residents of Wharfdale Way for their understanding and cooperation by clearing their car parking area to enable a smooth & successful operation.

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