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Griffin Mill Lock Final Report

Griffin Mill Lock Final Report

The last nut and bolt has been fitted at Griffin Mill Lock to complete the installation of the paddle gear making ready for operation for the first time in many years.

The value of volunteers

The restoration of the lock and spill-weir was initially undertaken by a team of Cotswold Canals Trust (CCT) volunteers led by Steve Hake. The latter stages have been overseen by Jon Pontefract of Stroud District Council. Jon has coordinated the efforts of local volunteers and four Waterways Recovery Group (WRG) work camps.

Teamwork & technical expertise reprised

Below are some reminders of the process leading to successful completion of the Griffin Mill Project.

  • The lock gates have been manufactured by Hargreaves of Sowerby Bridge in Yorkshire
  • The Hargreaves team, assisted by Ellis Cranes of Gloucester, installed the gates in July 2014
  • The paddle gear was designed by CCT engineering director, Jim White who worked on the design with Davall Gears of Hatfield in Hertfordshire
  • DM Foundries of Chalford cast the component parts
  • Truturn Engineering of Thrupp carried out the final machining
  • Assembly of the parts was carried out at the CCT Western Depot by a team led by Colin Parsons
  • CCT Eastern Depot volunteers machined the timber jackposts upon which the assembled paddle gear is mounted
  • This hard & heavy timber is reclaimed Greenheart
  • Finishing, final drilling and installation was carried out by CCT Western Depot volunteers.

Installation team leader Les Morris explains…

"Invaluable experience was gained during the lock gates and paddle gear installation at Wallbridge Upper Lock, the only other 'Thames & Severn' lock to have been fitted out so far.

"The knowledge gained has enabled the teams to adapt to the inevitable variations encountered in a structure created in the 1780’s."

Canal Project Manager Ian Edwards agreed saying…

"The standard of work done by all the volunteers gets better all the time, so it’s not surprising that this is definitely the best lock restoration yet. As always, we’re very grateful to everyone who has freely given their time. Without them, we wouldn’t have a canal project."  

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In the meantime the professionals and volunteers will once again be working together on the nearby Bowbridge and Ham Mill Locks.

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