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Ham Mill Lock 5th Report

Ham Mill Lock Restoration Update

Work at Thrupp continues on schedule. The facts and figures for this report are supplied by our men on the spot Les Morris & Martin Gray.

Above the lock

The Aquadam will remain in place above the lock until work on the wing walls is complete. Stop-planks grooves, created using a ‘cut-and-break’ tool, hired from Ermin Plant Hire, have been fitted with stainless steel channels. 

Lock Chamber & Gate Recesses

All paddle chambers have been cleared of silt and the remains of the old paddle gear removed. CCT's Western Depot Carpenters have constructed formers to allow the brickwork arches to be repaired. The installation of new paddle frames and paddles, supplied by Hargreaves, will be carried out by CCT volunteers. 

Gate Installation

Both sets of gates were installed on the 15th June by Hargreaves of Sowerby Bridge Yorkshire, assisted by Gloucester based Ellis Cranes. The top gates weigh 1.5tonnes each. Hargreaves return on Monday 13th July to complete installation of the bottom gates. These weigh 3 tonnes each.

Teamwork gets the job done

The Ellis Cranes Team also helped the CCT volunteers by lifting out four skips the volunteers worked hard to fill with rubble and debris. The crane was also called in to lift and place the offside coping stones in readiness for fixing.

More Teamwork

60 Tonnes of soil has been excavated from the area around the lower offside gate. The space created will to allow the use of a full-length balance beam. A retaining wall is being built immediately below the property above the lock. The plan for the wall was conceived by CCT volunteers and designed by SDC Canal Team in consultation with their Civil Engineer and Environmental Health Officer.

A little bit of 1970s history

The coping stones on the upper wing wall were lifted as part of the fixing process. This revealed an inscription in the cement pointing. The writing was dated 7th July 1976 and bears the names 'Steve' and 'David Drew'. Who are they? If you know please click here to email us

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21st century history also recorded

We are fortunate to have the services of two CCT members who continue to make a notable record of the restoration. Mike Gallagher takes the photographs and Robert Paget films the action.