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Heritage Lottery Fund – Application Result

Heritage Lottery Fund Application 2012

A request was made recently to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to pause canal restoration work at Bowbridge.

Completion of the bridge here would open up an additional 2km of canal, including two locks, to restoration by volunteers.

Funding for shortfalls & additional works

The approach to HLF included a request for an additional £800,000 to meet shortfalls, brought about by the fall in value of Brimscombe Port and additional works which were not envisaged in the British Waterways’ original cost plan.

Good News

The good news is that the Trustees of the HLF have agreed to this proposal, thus ensuring that full restoration of the canal between Stonehouse and Bowbridge can be achieved.

In addition, and as originally envisaged, a towpath from Saul Junction to Brimscombe Port will be constructed.

Brimscombe Port still a priority

Meanwhile, redevelopment of Brimscombe Port remains a priority and is being taken forward.

The intention is to continue renting out buildings on the site and use the income from the estate alongside possible investment from the Homes and Communities Agency to fund the canal infrastructure.

Regeneration opportunities

In the meantime, parts – or all – of the site can be regenerated if interested developers come forward.

Interest from developers is now being sought for five separate parts of the site, rather than the whole of it.

A brochure giving details has been produced recently. The brochure is available to potential developers on request to Hawkeswood Property Consultancy.

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