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Interwoven artistry at Ebley

Illustration installed in Central Square

Central Square at Ebley Wharf recently became an even more attractive waterside location to live, visit and relax.

The Stroudwater Redevelopment Partnership commissioned local illustrator Tracy Spiers to produce the 9ft by 7ft mural, ‘Interwoven’, for installation at Kitsch Café.

20th July — Installation at Ebley  by the Roman Glass Team… from Ebley

The creative Tracy Spiers… from Stroud

Tracy describes the inspiration behind ‘Interwoven’

“Restoration of the Stroudwater Canal has opened up a natural doorway to our wonderful heritage. When I run or cycle along its pathways, I become part of Stroud’s historic fabric. I imagine the roar of waterwheels and deafening sounds of looms processing Stroud Scarlet and Uley Blue cloth, once seen from miles around drying out on tenterhooks in surrounding fields.

“Today, Lodgemore Mill still provides cloth, notably billiard green and tennis ball yellow for international sporting championships. It is this strong textile legacy that inspired the name ‘Interwoven’. I believe that, compositionally, Stroud’s landscape demonstrates an interweaving element between old and modern, be it Dudbridge Crane, Hilly Orchard Bridge or 21st century café culture.

“Stroud has also helped shape me. I grew up with the mills in this vicinity; a teenager at Stroud High School walking to water-powered Fromehall Mill where Dad worked; a young Stroud News and Journal reporter covering endless council meetings at Ebley Mill, where later I had a BBC Radio Gloucestershire broadcast studio.

“Today I join hundreds of others who enjoy the freedom of journeying along the canal path, occasionally spotting kingfishers, herons and drinking in its peaceful setting.

“The combination of vision, investment, dedication and time has resulted in this impressive redevelopment of Ebley. It has brought health, wealth and well-being to the whole community and we are all the richer, in non-monetary terms, because of it. ‘Interwoven’ , I hope celebrates the diversity of colour, vibrancy, heritage and life we are so privileged to enjoy.”

Local artistry and expertise

As with so many aspects of the canal restoration local organisations and businesses have been involved with the mural project.

‘Interwoven’ was created in Stroud, printed in Nailsworth and fitted by Ebley based glazing specialists.

Dave Marshall, Stroud District Council Canal Project Manager comments… “This is a fascinating piece of work by a local illustrator. Every time you look at it you see something new.

“Interwoven sums up Stroud’s history, creativity, technical skills and ongoing improvement so well. The piece certainly lives up to its title!”

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