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Life Around & About Saul Junction – new book!

Following the 2010 success of the book about Brimscombe Port, another in the series about locations along the Cotswold Canals, Life Around and About Saul Junction, has recently been published. 

The new book features Saul Junction and provides an insight into a location unique on England’s waterways – a canal crossroads!

The book uses material from The Junction Heritage Project. This venture was born out of an idea from British Waterways and the Cotswold Canals Trust.

It was suggested that a local group might collect memories and facts about the waterways that meet at Saul Junction together with an insight into the lives of people from the surrounding villages and towns.

Such a wealth of history and information was found that storage and management presented early challenges to the group. A website was identified as the most practical way forward.

This book contains but a small selection from that website together with other pictures and articles assembled for the publication by David Jowett.

Life Around and About Saul Junction is available now at the Heritage Centre – Saul and the Visitor Centre – Wallbridge. 

You can also purchase it on-line at £5.95 inc post and package.

Click on the book cover right to go to the online shop.