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Local Boat in Jubilee Pageant

Brimscombe boat Gaiety in Diamond Jubilee River Pageant

A report from Shiela Maddock

An historic steel-built steamboat in the Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Pageant, the 72 foot long Gaiety, was built at Hope Mill, Brimscombe.

Originally named the Oxford, she was built in 1889 by Edwin Clark and Company for Salter Brothers, the  pleasure  craft operators of Oxford.

The image right is from an early postcard and shows the beautifully proportioned vessel on the Thames at Oxford.

The second image shows her in her current role as a houseboat near Windsor.

She still has her original hull after 135 years of cruising people up and down the rivers of England. In the 1920s she worked in London.

River Avon

Gaiety was more recently used for trips on the River Avon at Evesham until 1991.

She was then retired and taken to Windsor.

Sheila reminisces…

“I well remember those river trips and Grove's tea garden, which were a highlight of summer afternoons in the Riverside Park at Evesham."

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