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Locks, Weirs & Waterways — Wood Engravings

Locks, Weirs and Waterways

Ray Hedger, a professional artist and tutor for over thirty years with many private and corporate commissions is currently exhibiting a series of wood engraving prints at the Cotswold Canals Trust Wallbridge Visitor Centre, Stroud. Wood engraving is a printmaking and letterpress printing technique, in which the artist first cuts an image, or matrix of images, into a block of end grain hardwood. Lemonwood or boxwood are often used. When the design is complete the next stage is to print the image from the woodblock.
Ray does that part too!

Detail & intricacy

The intricacy displayed in Ray’s work is amazing. The exhibition includes a framed display of the tools and materials used.The engraving process, described by Ray as ‘working back-to-front’, requires great skill and very sharp steel cutting tools.
The technical term for such a tool is a Burin.

Ray’s display of four ‘burins’ includes a ‘spitsticker’ and a ‘scorper’.

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The Locks, Weirs & Waterways exhibition runs until mid-November
All exhibits, framed and unframed, are available to purchase

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