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Lodgemore Lift Bridge Update No. 5

Lodgemore open for pedestrians and vehicles 

Friday 15th January was a significant day in the installation of Lodgemore Lift Bridge.

Local residents and workers will be pleased to know that barriers were removed today to allow pedestrian and vehicular traffic through to Lodgemore Mill.

Aims achieved on time

The Nottinghamshire based ECS Engineering Services team, led by former Nottinghamshire mining engineer Ian Barfoot arrived on site at the end of October. Their first task was to remove the remains of the old bridge, welded long ago into a fixed position across the canal channel.

The removal of the old bridge allowed work to begin on new foundations for the locally designed single pylon lift bridge. The team undertook to have the bridge deck installed by 24th December 2015. They achieved this aim.

Ready for the next stage

Ian and the ECS team returned after the holiday break to move the job forward at an impressive rate. The bridge and its approaches are now ready for the next stage.
The hydraulic lifting mechanism will be ready for installation in two to three weeks’ time. The towpath and vehicle access will remain open during that part of the job.

Impressive & distinctive

The top picture shows the first pedestrian to cross the new bridge at sunset today, while the Stroud District Council Team, led by SDC's Canal Project Manager Dave Marshall remove the last towpath barrier.

Dave Marshall comments: "The new bridge is very impressive and it’s well worth taking a look. It’s very distinctive and will soon become something of a landmark representing the Council-led restoration.

"For me, the best part of this afternoon was overhearing enthusiastic comments by passing school kids!"

One hundred & six years earlier

The second picture was taken 106 years ago. It appears by kind permission of author and historian Michael Handford.