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Logs by Water

Logs delivery by boat

The Cotswold Canals Trust Log Delivery team’s Transit van & trailer is often seen laden with logs along the highways and byways of Gloucestershire. However, on the 5th November the team made their first delivery by boat!

SVCC Maintenance Boat

Wookey Hole, the maintenance vessel owned by Stroud Valleys Canal Company, was loaded with logs at Upper Mills before cruising along the restored section of the Stroudwater Navigation to Ryeford Double Locks near Stonehouse.

Unloaded in the Lock

The standard 36 cubic foot, half tonne load was delivered to Martin & Hazel Hyde who have lived at Ryeford Double Lock Cottage for many years.

The boat was taken into the lower lock and once the locking was completed Wookey Hole was at a convenient level for the unloading to start.

A normal order –  with a delivery twist

David Pagett (otherwise known as ‘The Logman’) commented…

“On the face of it this was a routine log order – but we knew that there was no road access to Martin & Hazel’s cottage

“We considered wheelbarrows along the towpath but… it then dawned on us…

Let’s do it by water…and seek to maximise publicity at the same time!

Media team on board

David explains, “We were pleased to host BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Andy Barnard and the TV Points West Team of Laura Jones & David Hart on the delivery voyage.

“Laura even helped with the unloading and said that it was one of the nicest assignments she had been on.

“It was a gloriously sunny day and the customers were literally thrilled and so grateful.

“The team really enjoyed it too, it gave us a real sense of a job well done.”

Fundraising firewood

The Log Delivery Service is run entirely by Canal Trust volunteers.

Working just twice a week the volunteers have achieved 310 sales and deliveries since the service started in December 2009.

The enterprise has raised over £31,500 for the restoration – so far!

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All photographs by CCT’s Mike Gallagher

  1. Loading at Upper Mills
  2. Autumnal (and other) colours!
  3. Laura Jones & David Hart
  4. Log Delivery team with Martin & Hazel Hyde

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