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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin 24

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.24
An update from Nigel Edgeworth

This week work has concentrated on the placing of steel reinforcing for the north wall of the bridge. The contractor has been using a long reach crane to lower shuttering into position to hold the concrete in place whilst it cures.

The contractor will be working throughout the weekend in order to ensure that it will all be ready for a concrete pour on Monday morning. 

Work has also continued on the construction of the headwall for the Slad Brook culvert.







The blinding concrete on which the base of the headwall will be constructed is now in position. See photograph left.



Work can now start on constructing the headwall following the installation of some complex temporary works to support the culvert, which has a constant flow of water running through it. 

Although the weather has been good over the last week we are still finding it necessary to pump the excavation to keep the area dry.

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