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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 22

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.22
An update from Nigel Edgeworth 

Work has continued on the placing of steel reinforcing to form the base and lower sections of the bridge structure and it was hoped that we would have been able to pour some concrete later this week. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain that occurred on Wednesday, a lot of ground water has found its way into the excavation…
(See photograph below left)












The contractor is now working hard on trying to pump the area clear. This has not been helped by leakage from the Slad Brook culvert and there is a threat of further rain. 
It is anticipated that we will be pouring concrete early next week.

The contractor has now designed temporary works for the construction of the new headwall for the Slad Brook and this is really quite a challenge. The water flow needs to be maintained whilst the works are carried out.

It is expected that some significant progress will be made on this next week.
Slad Brook culvert exposed… (See photograph above right)

It has been a very difficult week and matters didn’t improve yesterday. It has now been concluded that we will not be able to stretch the British Telecom fibre optic cables over the top of the deck of the bridge. Consequently, new cables will have to be laid.

This is a lengthy and costly operation. Fortunately, it will not affect the progress of the works. The good news is that we had budgeted for this worse case scenario, although it would have been nice to make some savings.

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Latest News Page Editors Note

I recently learned that the work being carried out currently is called 'the formwork' stage. That is to say building the shuttering and steel reinforcing that will hold and strengthen the poured concrete structure. It was also interesting to see that it is a local company, Stroud based Cotswold Formwork, doing the work. Click on the icon below to learn more about the company and their work. The pictures on the Projects page are fascinating!