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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 28 – An Update from Nigel Edgeworth

Site Flooded

Monday saw a bad start to the week when the works became flooded following heavy rain over the weekend. 

The water level had reached a depth of approximately 2m. 

The contractor brought additional pumps in on Monday to drain the area. Tuesday was spent jet washing the works to clean it all up.

The flooding was mainly caused by leakage out of the Slad Brook.

There are currently three pipes taking the flow from the culvert and discharging it into the canal to the west of the site. The seal on the intersection between the pipes and culvert is not as effective as was hoped.

We will attempt to rectify this by having just one pipe coming out of the culvert.

We await approval for this from the Environment Agency.


Wednesday and Thursday was spent placing steel for the remainder of the base of the bridge.

Thanks to some very hard work carried out by the team, concrete was eventually poured.

This will complete the base slab by the close of Friday.





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