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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 31

Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.31

It has been extremely cold at the Merrywalks Bridge site during the last week.

Even though temperatures have been sub zero the bridge construction has continued to progress. Last Friday the concrete was poured to the South West wall. This completed the whole of the bridge south wall. 

Frost blankets and heaters were required to protect the concrete from freezing whilst it cured. 

This week steel fixing has been completed on the North West wall along with the rear shutters.

Front shutters will be placed next week with the aim of pouring concrete on Wednesday.





The existing Slad Brook culvert, pictured left, has now been cut back to the new headwall.

The picture shows the temporary pipe being fitted to allow facing works to commence on the piled wall adjacent to Slad Brook.





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