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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 34

Merrywalks Bridge Update from Nigel Edgeworth

Welcome back to the weekly bulletins. Work commenced again on Monday 10th January following the Christmas break.

Some of you will be aware from press reports that there is now a significant delay to the works and it doesn’t look as though they will now be completed until May.

This is unfortunate, and is down to various problems that we have encountered in the last few months. The good thing is that the diversion is working well and motorists are not experiencing delays. We will be doing all we can to speed up the works so that we can finish as soon as possible.

Work has continued this week on erecting the scaffolding and the placing of some shuttering for the bridge deck to be cast. See left.

Over the next few weeks the shuttering will continue to be placed. This will then be followed by placing the reinforcing steel.


Placing of steel mesh to form the concrete finish to the front of the bored concrete piles has also been going on during this week. See below.







British Telecom staff are constructing chambers in readiness to divert their fibre optic cables over the top of the bridge deck when it is completed.


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