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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 36

Merrywalks Bridge Update from Nigel Edgeworth

Steel fixing to form the concrete bridge deck has continued this week. Pictured right. 

This work will continue into next week.

Included in this weeks steel fixing work was the placing of steel to form the west parapet.

The east parapet fixing should be completed next week.

As mentioned previously, steel fixing is a time consuming operation.

Consequently, whilst there is plenty of activity on the site, it might appear that little progress is made.

When the steel fixing is complete, we will see further leaps forward into completing the bridge.


Partial concrete pours have taken place on both the northwest and northeast wing walls.

The formwork preparation is pictured left.

The reinforced concrete piles constructed early in the works support the wing walls.

Further pours will be carried out next week.

British Telecom operatives are is still on site constructing chambers in readiness to divert fibre optic cables.




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