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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 38

Merrywalks Bridge Update from Nigel Edgeworth

The concrete pour for the deck took place on Monday.

One hundred & sixty cubic metres of concrete were poured during a six-hour period. 

This is a major step forward in the construction of the bridge.

Subject to the concrete having attained the required strength the shuttering and false work will be removed next week.

The picture left shows the reinforcing steel immediately prior to the concrete pour.

That on the right shows the cured concrete slab providing extra workspace for the construction team.










Further concrete is being poured to form the parapet beams on which the guardrail will sit. Work has continued on northwest and northeast wing walls.

Backfilling of the void between the bridge and the earthworks supported by the sheet piles will take place next week. The sheet piles will then be withdrawn.

British Telecom have continued working on their new chambers in readiness to divert the fibre optic cables.

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