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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 39

An update from Nigel Edgeworth – Five big steps forward this week!

  1. The bridge deck has been concreted
  2. The formwork is being removed
  3. The eastern parapet wall is nearing completion (see picture left)
  4. Work is continuing on the wingwalls (see picture right)
  5. Backfilling of the void between the earthworks and bridge structure has commenced











Waterproofing the bridge deck will commence on Monday 25th February.

Find out more about bridge deck waterproofing by clicking on the logo below.


With a view to reducing costs, we are currently investigating the feasibility of utilising the temporary piles, which currently support the earthworks, to form the embankment of the canal. This would be in lieu of reinforced concrete.  

When the waterproofing is complete, the next process will be the placing of the British Telecom ducts. These will take the cables between the two newly completed chambers on the north and south side of the bridge.

When the concrete work is completed, the brick facing can commence.

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