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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 40

An Update from Nigel Edgeworth

Most of the formwork for the bridge deck has been removed. The photographs show that it is now beginning to look like a bridge.












Backfilling of the void between the structure and sheet piling supporting the earthworks is nearing completion.

Work has also been progressing on the northwest and northeast wing walls.

Next week will see the final removal of the deck formwork and backfilling of the void.

Now that the concrete has attained the required strength, we will remove the red props supporting the temporary sheet piling and then start the deck waterproofing.

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Cotswold Bricks for the Bridge

We hit a bit of a problem last week when we discovered that the brick type Capital Multi Smooth, previously used on new structures on the canal, is no longer manufactured.

We met with Stroud District Council Planners and a representative from Cotswold Canals Trust and pored over numerous brick samples in the site office.

The group finally decided to use Cotswold Blend, a brick manufactured by Northcott Brick Ltd, at Blockley Brickworks, Moreton in Marsh.

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