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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 41

Bridge Deck Sealed

The waterproofing of the bridge deck has been completed. Pictured left. 

Filling of the void between the bridge and earthworks support can now be completed and the temporary sheet piles extracted. Pictured right.  




There is one remaining section of concreting to be completed on the North West wing wall. The North East wall is complete. 

Work will start next week on casting the capping beams on both walls.  

Towpath Construction Commences

Excavation to the east of the bridge has commenced in preparation for the construction of the towpath at this location.

Material to be Recycled

Early on in the works, a large quantity  of recycled sub base (gravel) was imported to use as temporary working platforms. This week a large quantity of this material was moved to a location in Stonehouse. It will later be reused in the canal restoration works.

Bricks Delivered for Approval

Last weeks bulletin revealed that bricks intended for facing the structure were no longer available. This meant we had to find an alternative supplier of similar bricks. This week a pallet of those bricks was delivered to site.

It is anticipated that a sample panel will be constructed next week. This will allow inspection by the District Council Planners whose approval is needed to confirm that the bricks are suitable for use in the works.

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