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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 45

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

This week work has concentrated on building the towpath. See the photographs below.









Remedial works have also been ongoing to the bridge wing walls.
Unfortunately, in some areas the formwork bowed out during the concrete pours. This has resulted in the walls not being plumb.

It has therefore been necessary to ‘scabble’ the concrete in certain areas to enable the brick facing to be laid.

Definition of the verb ‘to scabble’

Scabbling is a mechanical process of removing a thin layer of concrete from a structure, typically achieved by compressed air powered machines. A typical scabbling machine uses several heads, each with several carbide or steel tips that peck at the concrete.

It operates by pounding a number of tipped rods down onto the concrete surface in rapid succession. It takes several passes with the machine to achieve the desired depth.

Next week work will start on laying the facing bricks for the northwest, northeast wing walls and Slad Brook culvert headwall.

Laying the brickwork is a fairly straight forward process, however, the quoins (cornerstones) on the pilasters are angled and bricks are being specially made so that no cut edges will show.

With the brick facing in place we will begin to see what the finished structure will look like.
Work will also continue on the formation of the towpath.

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