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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 46

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

Bricklaying has started on the face of the northwest wing wall. 

Bricks will continue to be laid for the next few weeks. See picture right.

Some further concrete works will seal the canal where the towpath wall ties into the existing canal wall.

General tidying up of the site has also been ongoing this week.

Backfilling of the towpath is now complete. See picture below.

Next week should see the removal of the steel sheet piles used to support the earthworks during the bridge construction.

The latest programme suggests the bridge will open in mid June.

Whilst the contractor has been working hard to progress the works through all kinds of weather over the last few months this unfortunate delay has occurred.

Another factor is that the very limited space of the site has meant that it has been impossible to carry out as many simultaneous actions as the early programmes originally envisaged.

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