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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No. 58

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

This week’s major event happened on Monday. The flume (pipe) carrying the water from Slad Brook was removed and water allowed into the canal.

Throughout Monday the water was drained into a sump.

It was then pumped into the lower lock to enable the work area to be cleared in readiness to take the water.

The lower dam between the new bridge and Wallbridge Lower Lock was then removed.

Over Monday night the water was allowed to flow into the new section of canal. The required level was reached on Tuesday morning.

Frog rescued from 'death-by-digger'

Following the excavation of the dam, on Tuesday I received an email from the site project manager, Mark Collins, headed “Tales of the Canal Bank” containing the following:

“During yesterday’s work, Bobby Downes, the Carillion operative, was acting as banksman to the large excavator clearing out the channel. He shouted and stopped the excavator in order to rescue a frog the bottom of the channel. This was met with a chorus of cheers and applause from the public gallery above.”

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Water under the Bridge story on this page.

Opening the Carriageway

We anticipate opening the bridge to traffic in the early hours of Wednesday the 20th July.

Final surfacing will be carried out through the night before.

Due to the timing and the layout of the site there will be are no ‘opening ceremony’.

An official opening ceremony will be arranged later to celebrate the opening of the canal when works, due to start shortly, are completed on Wallbridge Upper Lock. These works are being organised by Stroud DC.

Bridge site works continue

Work at the bridge site will continue into August with the removal of the temporary footbridges at Wallbridge and other finishing off works.

When the bridge is opened the temporary Wallbridge diversion will be closed to traffic and the situation monitored.

This will be followed by a consultation to ascertain if the Stroud community wish to see it remain closed or reopened to traffic in a one way direction out of town.

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