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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.56

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

This week has seen work on top of the bridge and down below in the canal.

On the top… footway and boundary walls have been under construction, whilst work has been in progress on the Merrywalks double mini roundabout to provide an electricity supply for the bollards.

Coping stones and railings have now been fixed on the towpath wall which passes under the bridge.

Some of the specially made coping stones have also been placed on the pilasters.  

Signs have been erected and lighting columns painted.

Down in the canal… the tidying up works have been ongoing.

It is now beginning to look like a canal with the channel being cleared out and embankment regrading taking place.

Next week will see the continuation of tidying up works around the site.

The delivery and placement of the bow arches will also occur.

Over the next few weeks we should also see a major milestone when the canal is filled with water.

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