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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.57

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

This week has seen more bricklaying for the bridge and boundary walls and various road works items being constructed.

Excavation of the canal bed has also been taking place.

The bow arches on the bridge have now been put in place and are looking impressive

A lot of vegetation has now been cleared from the old brewery wall.

Some pointing up of the joints in the stone has been done.

Canal to be filled on Monday/Tuesday

Next week we will see a major milestone achieved, when we fill the canal with water.

On Monday the flume (pipe) carrying the water discharging from the Slad Brook to the Lower Wallbridge Lock will be removed.

All the water will be directed into a sump and then pumped to the Lower Lock.

This will enable workers to operate in the dry conditions in order to remove the flume supports and generally tidy up. The temporary dam will then be removed.

When this has been completed the pumps will be switched off and the canal will fill over Tuesday night.

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