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Merrywalks Bridge Bulletin No.60

A report from Nigel Edgeworth

At long last, after surfacing works on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the bridge was opened to traffic at around 3:00am on Thursday morning. Traffic seemed to be flowing quite well with many drivers on autopilot heading for the diversion route only to find Wallbridge closed and having to do a u-turn at the roundabout.

Throughout the works we have been pleased to see many people stop and watch what’s been going on, but to our surprise we’ve recently had quite a few spectators during the early hours of the morning whilst the surfacing works were ongoing. 

It has been quite pleasing to see so many people showing an interest in it. 

Although the bridge is now open to traffic, tidying up the site will take about three weeks. The main operation will be the removal of the temporary footbridges on Wallbridge.

A low loader arrived this morning to take the bridges away but unfortunately the crane to lift the bridges broke down about a mile away from the site.

As I write this I have been told that it has just arrived…

The photograph here has been “fast forwarded” to me for inclusion in this bulletin.