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Message from CCT Chief Executive

Some matters for your attention

Cotswold Canals Trust Chief Executive Ken Burgin wishes to bring two important planning issues to your attention. The two issues for you to consider, and act upon, could affect the restoration of the Thames & Severn Canal at the eastern end and The Stroudwater Navigation in the west.

Issue 1
Restoration of the Thames & Severn Canal at Marston Meysey

As a result of a Cotswold Canals Trust campaign that started 25 years ago, Wiltshire Council imposed a planning condition in respect of gravel extraction at Roundhouse Farm in Marston Meysey, Wiltshire. The condition states that the Thames & Severn Canal would be reconstructed across the site.

Recent agreement

Indeed, the Cotswold Canals Trust recently reached agreement with Morton C. Cullimore (Gravels) Ltd regarding the detailed specification of the canal and how it would be restored.

Extraordinary turn of events

In an extraordinary turn of events, Wiltshire Council's minerals planners have advised Cullimore not to include the restoration of the canal when finishing off their site.

How you can help

As a result we need your help to object to a planning application which effectively removes Condition 39 in any meaningful sense – the one that should be securing the restored canal bed.

Please contact Wiltshire Council objecting to planning application ref: 15/01978/WCM stating clearly that you want to see the full restoration of the canal bed across the whole of the Roundhouse Farm site as intended in Condition 39 of the original planning consent Ref: N/10/00590/WCM.

Three methods to enter your comments

Method One

  • Click here to go to Wiltshire Councils Planning Search Page
  • Enter the reference number 15/01978/WCM in the search box
  • Click on the Search button – The Results page will then appear
  • Reference 15/01978/WCM appears as a live link at the top of the left column
  • Click on that link and the full application page will appear
  • The far right column on that page provides a means of looking at the planning documents and entering your comments

Method Two

Method Three

  • Write a letter to:

Minerals and Waste Development,
Economic Development and Planning,
Wiltshire Council,
County Hall
Bythesea Road
BA14 8JN


The deadline for comments is 9th April. The sooner objections are sent in, the better.

Ken Burgin comments…

"And yes, Wiltshire Council is a member of the Cotswold Canals Partnership!"


Issue 2
The Stroudwater Navigation and the West of Stonehouse Development

Last year we drew your attention to a planning application for building over 1,300 houses West of Stonehouse. Many of you contacted the SDC Planning Department pointing out that such a large development close to the canal, should it go ahead, ought to provide a substantial financial contribution towards the canal restoration project.

At that time, the development was not supported in the draft Local Plan and, with many objections to the idea in principle, may not have happened anyway.

Local Plan changed

However, like it or not, the new draft Local Plan has been changed to include this development in the housing allocation. This revised plan is open to consultation until 5pm on 25th March.

We are therefore asking as many of you as possible to write or email in requesting that… a substantial financial contribution towards the canal restoration project be explicitly added to the Local Plan in relation to the West of Stonehouse development.

Major recreational outlet

The main justification for this is that the restored canal will be a major green recreational outlet for the 4,000 or so people living in the new development providing access to the countryside, traffic free commuting routes, additional jobs and restoring the canal is strategically important to the whole Stroud area and its well-being.

Two methods to register your views

Whichever method you choose please ensure that you refer to the changed policy PSC035

Method One

Method Two

  • Write a letter to:

Local Plan Consultation
The Planning Strategy Team
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill
Westward Road

A reminder

Please remember to refer to the changed policy PSC 035 and include your name and address in your submission.

Ken Burgin comments…

"Please note that Cotswold Canals Trust is neither supporting nor opposing the principle of this development. But, the Cotswold Canals Trust is seeking an appropriate contribution towards the canal should it go ahead".

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