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New Trip Boat Update from Rob Burgon

An update from Trip Boats (West) Manager Rob Burgon 

I can tell you that a firm commitment has now been made to move the new trip boat Annette to Upper Mills in order to operate trips from there.

The boat is still undergoing modifications but these are expected to be completed soon.

It is anticipated that Annette will be moved to Upper Mills within the next two weeks or so.

As a result I will now be looking for firm commitments from volunteers to crew this boat.

I have posted a 'roster' on Connect for you to add your name. This will show see how many volunteers I have.

It will also make it easier for me to contact you as a group. This roster is now up.

We wont be ready to take passengers until all formal training requirements etc. have been completed.

However, we are able to run the boat up and down a good length of the Stroudwater Navigation between The Ocean and Ryford Double Lock during in house training and route familiarisation.

Note that future references to Annette will be under the heading of 'Trip Boat Upper Mills'.

These are exiting times!

That's all Folks

Rob Burgon
Operations Manager
Trip Boats West

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