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November Rain

Heavy Rains & High Water

This week's heavy rain saw Ebley gates in action and the Frome Gardens overflow weir operating for the first time.

Flood gates in action

The flood gates at Ebley Mill were kept closed to prevent excess water flowing downstream and potentially causing problems at Bridgend. 

Overspill weir proves effective

The overspill weir is downstream of the confluence structure. The weir takes any excess flow from the canal and directs it into the River Frome.

Three rivers worth of water

The canal here was not originally designed to carry river flow.

Following abandonment, three rivers, Slad Brook, Painswick Stream and Ruscombe Brook were diverted into the canal channel in the late 1950s as part of a flood alleviation scheme.

The first picture shows Ebley gates in the closed position. This holds the water back in order that it can flow over the weir.

The second picture shows water from the canal passing over the weir crest and down into the River Frome.

The third picture shows the view of the spill weir from Frome Gardens

Photos by Mike Gallagher, Dave Marshall & Paul Weller respectively

It is not always raining

Sometimes the sun does shine!

A sunny Sunday in September gave David Jowett the opportunity to film the waterborne journey from Dudbridge, through Ebley to St Cyrs Church at Stonehouse. 
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